How Many Of These Old-School Kitchen Things Were Used By Your Family?

This is probably why Malaysian cooking is THE BEST!

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Before there was mass-produced Swedish furniture, there was a time when most Malaysian homes were filled with beautifully hand-crafted kitchen essentials

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See if you remember these kitchen staples our parents (and grandparents) probably had:

1. This whimsical tudung saji made from mengkuang and rotan

2. This lesung batu chore that you always tried your best to escape from

No gym session will ever be as torturous as trying to grind chilies and spices into a fine paste.

3. This kukur kelapa that you have to pay close attention to if you plan to have all your fingers intact by the time you're done grating the coconuts

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4. These handpainted rooster bowls that somehow make everything taste better

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5. These pretty tiffin carriers to tapau your lunch in

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6. These copper pots that are perfect for making some yummy gulai in bulk

7. This mixing bowl that can be used to make everything from fruit cakes to cekodok

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8. The old-school dulang that always comes in handy during any kenduri

9. This crocheted tablecloth your grandma probably reserved for special occasions, like Raya and if the Queen of England ever visited

10. These magical mugs that make warm drinks extra soothing and cold drinks extra refreshing

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The best part was that you could be your clumsy self and drop these on the floor, and they would never break!

11. These iconic cups and saucers that are THE best way to drink Kopi O and Teh Tarik

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Remember how your life changed forever when you first realised you could pour your boiling hot drink onto the saucer to cool it down?

12. And this mug that is forever filled with some kind of herbal tea

Which of these vintage items did your family own? If you love things that remind you of the good ol’ days, perhaps it's time to start your own classic collection!

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