10 Things To Do When Everyone Else Balik Kampung

Everyone balik kampung except, well you? Here are 10 things to do when everyone else is out of town!

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1. Put on B J Thomas' Everybody's Out Of Town

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2. Take a drive along the highway during peak hour (where are all the cars?)

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3. Tell your girlfriend you booked out the entire restaurant for her (but really it was just empty)

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4. Hit the shopping mall on a Sunday!

Things people do in an empty shopping mall.

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5. Take ALL the time you need in the fitting room (no lines!)

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6. Try to look cool on the bus ride home

#ForeverAlone GIF.

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7. Watch a sad film in an empty cinema and cry a river

Cry me a river gif.

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8. Have a staycation, stay at home and eat and sleep!

Staycation meme.

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9. Finish all the food in the fridge!

Eat all the food meme.

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10. Get to know the waitress who was always too busy before

Joey Tribbiani gif.

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