Malaysians Share The Annoying Things In Their Homes That They Tak Puas With

"I wish I knew the importance of needing more room, or personal space when owning a property"

Cover image via Laila (Provided to SAYS) & Jeremy (Provided to SAYS)

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Since many of us are spending most of our time indoors nowadays, we've become more observant about what we'd really like in a home

Life during the new normal has made us reflect on many things, and that includes what to prioritise when choosing a forever home. The more time we spend at home, the more we realise we should have looked out for specific things before we decided to purchase a property which seemed worth it at the time.

We asked Malaysians what they wish they knew before buying a home:

1. "I wish we had a bigger sink, so we have more space to stand and not splash water all over, ugh..."

"My house sink design is super weird, there are two sinks but only enough room for one person to stand. When me and my wife try to wash dishes at the same time, we end up just making a wet mess. I also wish we had deeper sinks so we could actually fit our big pots and pans.”

- Jeremy, 27

2. "I wish I knew the importance of space for my kids before buying a property with only two rooms"

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"My kids share a room with each other, so having them share the same space for practically 24 hours in a day is quite challenging, and it results in fights. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but having so little space can be fairly difficult."

- Sharon, 28

3. "I wish I was living closer to nature instead of in a concrete jungle"

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"My wife bought a unit a while back and it was quite an emergency so we didn’t think much about whether it's close by any natural surroundings. Being cooped up at home made me realise that a change of scenery would be nice from time to time."

- Derek, 39

4. "It's the everyday inconveniences that irk me"

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"If only there were more plug points - serious malas nak beli extension for multiple rooms because the plug point is at an inconvenient place. Kitchen floor tiles - some senang berminyak, or look ugly even after you've mopped."

- Ihsan, 26

5. "I should have bought a house that already had beautiful bathrooms... with regular toilets"

"My house has three bathrooms but one has a squatty toilet, and no one uses it because we're all chonky and unbalanced, it would be so expensive to renovate. So it's just abandoned and that's where the house hantu lives now."

- Laila, 34

6. "My backyard is so sad, my kids don't even want to play in it"

"Outdoor space is something I wish I considered before buying a house. The space behind our home is small and not nearly big enough for my toddlers to run and play in. They're forced to play indoors instead." 

- Janis, 30

7. "Some of the residents in my condo who bought the west-facing units are complaining that their units are too hot now that they are all working from home"

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"They are regretting that they didn't buy east units instead. Property that faces the east (or north, south, as long as not west) in Malaysia are generally more expensive/perceived as better, and units that face west are seen as not-so-good because of the scorching heat from the afternoon sun."

- Judith, 36

8. "I never knew how important flexible spaces were until I started working from home"

"My table is cluttered with old books and items, so I've been doing my work on the bed with my laptop on my lap, and it came with backaches lol. I can't do my work in the living room because there's too much commotion and I can't focus. We don't have any extra rooms to convert to a home office :( If I did, I would DIY it like those pretty looking ones on Pinterest, and claim it as my own personal space haha."

- Siti, 27

Getting used to the new normal includes shifting our priorities in choosing a home to live in.

That's why Gamuda Land is introducing a new set of homes designed to suit Malaysians' post-pandemic lifestyle needs!

With beautiful homes located at Illaria Hillside Homes at Gamuda Gardens, and Enso Woods at Gamuda Cove, Gamuda has listened to the concerns and needs of Malaysians during the pandemic, and proceeded to craft homes which have a balance of being close to nature while fostering a strong sense of community.   

These New Norm Homes include: 
- Modern, minimalist designs within the homes' interior 
- Adaptable layouts and flexible workspaces
- Natural lighting and ventilation 

Illaria Hillside Homes, Gamuda Gardens

Enjoy hillside living at Illaria Hilside Homes, where you can experience living next to a forest enclave for residents to engage in various activities and meetups, with the many shared spaces available.

With various facilities such as the Gardens Wellness Clubhouse and Waterfront Retail Village, plus public and private schools in Gamuda Gardens, Illaria Hillside Homes is a great place to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Enso Woods, Gamuda Coves

If you prefer minimalist-based homes, Enso Woods homes are inspired by the Japanese lifestyle of achieving more with less. Surrounded by lush green landscapes with versatile spaces, you can transform these areas into anything you like, such as a home office, hobby room, or even an extra bedroom.

If these homes speak to you on a personal level, you can find out more about Gamuda Land's New Norm Homes on their website

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