19 Things You Didn't Know You Could Make With Dates

These super fun recipes are perfect for using up all those leftover dates from Ramadan!

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Perhaps the famed mysterious whispers seduced you into buying a whole lot more dates than necessary last month...

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... and now you're helplessly wondering how to save your pristine kitchen from the kurma takeover?

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Don't fret just yet; this super-nutritious fruit is extremely versatile and can be used in so many ways!

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Start with some sweet treats...

1. Goat cheese stuffed dates

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The tangy goat cheese and sweet one of a kind dates are pure magic. And if you drizzle them with a little extra honey, they are somehow even better.

Give the recipe a try!

2. Salted caramel peanut butter truffles

It all starts with date caramel. Have you tried the stuff? If not, YOU HAVEN’T LIVED.

Check out the recipe here.

3. Coconut date cookies

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This easy recipe changes up the usual sugar cookie by adding cinnamon, sweet dates, and tropical coconut.

Here's the how-to.

4. 3-ingredient energy bars

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Prepare for your mind to be blown. Ready? Homemade energy bars. Three ingredients. No cooking. No tricks. No kidding.

Here's how you make it.

5. Orange muffins

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These low-fat soft muffins are bursting with sweet orange flavour. Give this recipe a try!

6. Apple sandwiches with date caramel and almond butter

These are really fun to make, and super healthy. Slice up some apples and layer them with caramel and almond butter. Make these with kids and you will make some new little friends.

Check out the recipe.

7. No-churn chocolate ice cream

Here’s the deal. If you make coconut whipped cream and sweeten it with dates, good things happen. Such good things, in fact, that it makes the perfect base for creamy, dreamy ice cream, no churning required.

Try it out for yourself! Here's the recipe.

8. Sticky date cake with butterscotch sauce

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The well-blended dates in the cake give this dessert an almost pudding-like texture and makes for a delicious combination with butterscotch sauce.

Stop drooling and start baking!.

Here come the savoury servings!

9. Carrot, date, and feta salad

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Packed with antioxidants, this salad gets better as it sits and it doubles as a crunchy, fresh addition to a sandwich.

Here's the how-to.

10. Spinach salad

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It's everything you'd want in a salad: sweet, crunchy, and bright!

Here's how to make it.

11. Date and rice pilaf

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This exotic dish features a unique combination of rice with dried fruits, nuts, rose water and cardamom.

Click here for the recipe.

12. Date honey chicken

This chicken dish gets its savoury-sweet flavour from an interesting mix of honey and dates.

Try it here.

13. Date nut pasta

Spinach and dates merge beautifully in this pasta dish, and the flavours are further enhanced by lemon juice, feta, and walnuts.

Give the recipe a try!

14. Beef tagine

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Lift the lid on this conical cooking pot and unveil the secrets to mouth-watering Moroccan cuisine.

Head here to know more about this delectable dish.

15. Sweet potato pizza with dates, green chilli, and feta

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A pizza that covers all the bases: hot, cool, salty and sweet. Delicious!

Try the recipe.

They're great for making sauces and dips too!

16. Date-almond pesto

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This lip-smacking pesto has a unique balance of savouriness and fruit-derived sweetness.

Try out the recipe!

17. Tamarind date chutney

The combination of tart tamarinds and sweet dates make them the perfect combination for this rich chutney.

Here's the recipe.

Wash it all down with some date-fueled drinks!

18. Cinnamon, date, and blueberry smoothie

The cinnamon echoes in every sip while the naturally sweet dates create a perfect flavour against the slightly sharper berries.

Start your morning with this recipe.

19. Date milkshake

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This creamy creation can also double as a fuss-free dessert!

Get the recipe here.

Still have some lemang and rendang taking up the fridge space too? You're gonna love these ideas!

Speaking of dates...

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