You Can Only Relate To These 15 Things If You're Always Falling Sick


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1. Your bag is always fully stocked with your personal pharmacy at all times...

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Just in case! You never know when you're suddenly going to come down with something.

2. ...and you've got a ready stock of masks, all ready to pull out at a moment's notice

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You never know when one might come in handy.

3. You'll also never ever leave home without bringing along packets of tissue and tons of throat-soothing sweets

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You'd rather forget your phone than forget those essentials.

4. Feeling even the slightest throat tickle induces extreme panic

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"OMG AM I GETTING A SORE THROAT?!" *commence safeguarding procedures*

5. Getting caught in the rain is your biggest fear of all time

Confirm fever the next day liao.

6. You make sure to stay far, far away from sick people, including your loved ones

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Keep your germs to yourself people!

7. You try your best to completely avoid cold food, drinks, and desserts at all costs

You just stare sadly at all your friends sipping on cold, refreshing drinks and nomming on all the ice-cream and ais kacang they want.

8. So a cup of hot honey lemon has become your go-to drink order over the years

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Ahhh the most soothing drink for your throat ever <3

9. And you drink so much water that you're constantly going to the bathroom to pee throughout the day

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Oh well, at least you never have to worry about being dehydrated.

10. Every year, your MC quota confirm gets completely used up

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So you end up having to use your annual leave instead :(

11. Which means that you totally end up seeing your doctor more than you see your friends

You're probably on a first name basis by now.

12. You feel super paiseh when you're overcome by one of those pesky itchy throat induced coughing fits in public

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The worst is when you're in a super quiet place like the cinema or during an exam. Everyone stares and silently judges you T___T

13. To you, all of your mum's endless nagging is legit proper advice that you actually follow

"Don't eat fried food!"
"Sleep early!"
"Drink this herbal soup!"

You do it alllllll.

14. When you do eventually fall sick yet again, you're out of commission for like a week 'cause it takes you forever to recover...


15. ...which especially sucks when it happens during a special occasion

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Cannot celebrate :(

Remember this cough syrup? It actually has a pretty cool origin story:

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