25 Things You Should Stop Doing In 2017

"I don't procrastinate. I just like to do things later."

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Every year is a 'reboot'. Are things stopping you from being your best? Are you limiting yourself?

It's time to redefine your goals, evolve, and push your boundaries. webe believes in living a life of limitless possibilities. That's why they're bringing you never-ending data, calls, and SMS... without signing up for a contract!

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Before making new year resolutions, put a stop to these 25 things that are holding you back:

1. Worrying about what other people will think

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2. Whining

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3. Overspending on trivial things

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Stop blowing your hard earned cash on things that don't even make you happy! Save and spend on the people you care about. Get sublines for your family with webe, not only do you stay connected, you also save costs.

4. Dwelling in the past

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5. Being 'okay' with 'okay' - why not do something great?

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6. Being afraid to fail

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7. Putting your dreams on hold

8. Finding excuses

9. Doubting yourself

10. Cursing. A lot.

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11. Judging someone before getting to know them

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12. Avoiding confrontation

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13. Avoiding change

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Well... we get it, some things shouldn't change, like your mobile phone number that you've had since forever. When you switch to webe, you can keep it ;)

14. Not giving

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15. Withholding compliments

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16. Complaining about all the little things

17. Complaining about all the big things

18. Not doing anything to solve the problem

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19. Procrastinating

20. Thinking you're not good enough

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21. Talking behind people's backs

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22. Not keeping your resolutions

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23. Blaming others

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24. Staying in your comfort zone

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25. Settling for less

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Really, the only thing stopping you from being totally kickass... is you!

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Get rid of all the things that held you back last year because you are way more awesome than that!

Travel more, do the things you love, learn something new, stop making excuses and get out there! Freedom is right at your fingertips if you're willing to try ;)

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Take the first step with webe, where freedom is the ability to do whatever you want with data, no matter where you are. And just to be clear, this means no cap, quota, clauses, particular hours of usage or throttling. It is truly never-ending.

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