These Magical Books Will Make Your Child The Main Character Of Their Own Story

It's the perfect gift for young bookworms.

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Every bookworm - both young and old - has that one book they love and which they can see themselves in the characters

See, even for cats!

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If you have a little one at home who is exactly like this, then you'll love this company that turns your children into the hero of their own stories!

Amazing Fables gives people the opportunity to "customise stories to inspire kids with tales belonging uniquely to them".

"Having ownership of the story makes it more relatable and experiential," it said.

With over six titles to choose from, children of all ages will be spoiled for choice

It's not just for the young ones either, as one of the titles is targeted at children aged 12 years and above!

Amazing Fables takes the personalisation a step further than other companies by changing more than just the name of the main character

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Celebrating true diversity and representation, each book has at least six different avatars to choose from for the main character.

There's even a whole page for a dedication, complete with the option to include a photo!

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Use a current photo, so your loved one can look back and remember the time they received the book.

It makes the gift so much more meaningful and treasured in the long-run! 

Additionally, the books can printed in a number of languages, including Mandarin, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese - just to name a few. 

Not only are these books gorgeously illustrated, but they teach important lessons too

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"Our job is to ensure that any story they imagine could be vivid and enriching. Our goals are to nurture the positive values amongst children around learning, sharing and being productive members to society," wrote Amazing Fables on its blog.

There are books that teach children how life began to recycling; lessons made easy to understand with beautiful illustrations by talented artists from around the world.

Each Amazing Fables title retails at RM79.99 and comes with top secret freebies, which you can get by simply scanning the QR code provided on the back! :D

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By topping up an extra RM20, customers can convert the book from a softcover copy to hardcover instead.

Each order takes between seven to 10 days for delivery, though it may take a little longer during peak periods.

Amazing Fables ships worldwide, so you can get a copy for yourself any where in the world!

Visit their website now to place your order, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram for more updates.

BONUS: I'm really looking forward to this collaboration between Amazing Fables and Malaysian poet Charissa Ong Ty!

Ong, who is more popularly known as @cotypoems on Instagram, has collaborated with Amazing Fables to release "What Does My Name Mean?", a personalised illustrated poetry-short story journal!

"This book goes to the root of our identities and takes us through our own story of self identity," Ong wrote in a post.

The cover has just been revealed and the book is expected to be released soon.

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