This Coffee Truck In KL Will Give You Free Coffee For Sharing Knowledge

In our FEEL GOOD FRIDAY column this week, we bring to you a news brewing with goodness of sharing knowledge and receiving some delicious caffeine.

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The folks at Royal Post are giving out free coffee for book donations. The premise is quite simple: bring a book and get a cuppa.

Knowing full well that books go best with coffee, the folks at Royal Post are now rewarding all you caffeine addicted bookworms. For two weeks beginning 31 July 204, donate books at any of Royal Post's coffee trucks in exchange for a free coffee.

All donated books go to Subang Jaya Book Exchange Programme, a project in UEP Subang Jaya where anyone can exchange books on every first and third Sunday of the month

The 'donate a book, get a coffee free' system works on a per person basis. So if one person donates one book, he/she gets a complementary coffee in return.

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In case any of you are sneakily planning to get ten coffees for ten books, do bring friends along to enjoy the coffees together (don't be that greedy person).

What books are accepted at the book exchange?

First, make sure your books are in acceptable condition. SJ Book Exchange Programme doesn't take in books that are dirty (referring to books that are heavily defaced or dusty), wet, or infested with silverfish.

As a general guideline, fiction, non-fiction, children's literature and magazines (Reader's Digest and National Geographic only) in good condition are accepted. Academic books, brochures, religious literature are best left at home.

If you have books to donate, you can track down the Royal Post Mobile Espresso Bar here and here

A ‘travelling barista’ in the Royal Post coffee truck

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