[PHOTOS] This Floating Resort In Thailand Looks Like Maldives But Is Much Cheaper

You can even jet-ski and kayak!

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Planning a luxurious holiday doesn't necessarily mean that you need to travel far or empty your bank account

If you've been yearning for a dream vacation to Maldives, but aren't willing to spend RM2,000 a night, look no further than this dreamy retreat in Thailand.

Image via Z9 Resort

Situated less than four hours away from Bangkok is a quiet, luxurious resort with rooms that float on a lake

Image via Z9 Resort

Z9 Resort's unique eco-friendly structure, made out of discarded timber and other waste material, was completed in 2017. It was awarded for its hospitality in 2018 by Interior Design Awards.

The resort has 20 rooms in total, so you can be rest assured that you'll find the privacy you need to relax, away from typical touristy places.

Image via Z9 Resort

Each room comes with its own private terrace, where you can wake up to a beautiful sunrise overlooking the lake and mountains

There are two stretches of rooms – the first has 10 houses called 'Escape North', while the second stretch has five houses called 'South the Scene'.

The rooms in the 'South the Scene' houses are much smaller than the 'Escape North', but both have an equally scenic view of the horizon.

'Escape North' rooms can fit up to three people with an extra bed provided.

Image via Z9 Resort

While breakfast is usually included in the booking, lunch and dinner are also available at the main resort building

There are also several fun activities you can do during your stay, such as kayaking or jet-skiing on the lake, and visiting Erawan Waterfall

Erawan Waterfall is a seven-tiered waterfall in Thailand, known for its gorgeous, emerald green pools

According to several reviews, some parts even have fish swimming in them that would often nibble on dead skin cells on your feet.

Image via TripTH/Facebook

It is a less than 40-minute drive from the resort, according to Google Maps.

You can either drive there, ask the resort to help arrange a driver, or take a bus from Kanchanaburi bus station, which runs every hour to Erawan National Park.

Admission into Erawan National Park costs THB300 (RM41) for foreigners and THB100 (RM13.70) for Thais.

Find out more about the waterfall in this review.

Z9 Resort is located in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Here are more details:

Prices of rooms start from THB4500 (RM620) onward.

You can book it here.

71250 Si Sawat, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

[email protected]

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