This Hidden Jungle Boardwalk In KLIA Lets You Relax & Unwind Before Your Flight

A hidden gem for natural healing before that long-haul flight.

Cover image via @malaysiaairports (Instagram)

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Did you know there is a jungle boardwalk inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)?

Recently, TikTok user @bolehlahmestibole uploaded a one-minute video showcasing the hidden gem nestled inside our very own beloved KLIA, much to the amazement of many netizens who were unaware of its existence. Surprise, surprise! 

According to Urban Nature Atlas, the miniature tropical rainforest, complete with a boardwalk and a cascading man-made waterfall, has been operating since December 2009 and houses over 3,660 trees and 39 different species of plants.

The jungle boardwalk spans over 970 square metres of rainforest, transplanted from the jungles of Sepang, and was built with the purpose of serving as a connection between the main terminal building and the contact pier.

The indoor jungle was built with the aim of creating an environment in which buildings and forests coexist openly. Tall trees planted in the area also provide natural shade and ventilation to the surrounding buildings.

They also provide many other benefits, such as the cooling temperature level inside the airport, providing a space for passengers to de-stress before a long flight, or simply becoming an escape from urbanisation.

Watch the video of the mini boardwalk tour below: 

The jungle boardwalk is located at the airport's Satellite Terminal, which is accessible via the Aerotrain from the Main Terminal Building (MTB)

The entry is free of charge and it's open every day from 7am to 7pm. To find the entrance to the jungle, keep a lookout for a glass door with yellow chain curtains near the cosmetics shops.

However, it is important to note that access to the Satellite Terminal is only available to passengers with international boarding passes.

So, if you're heading overseas for a trip soon, don't forget to pop by the jungle boardwalk to experience Mother Nature before your long flight!

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