Netizens Cannot Stop Talking About This Chinese-Indian Couple's Stunning Wedding

The bride's qipao was custom-made from a saree!

Cover image via Subtle Asian Traits/Facebook

In December, a Malaysian Indian woman took to Facebook to share about her wedding with her Singaporean Chinese husband and it quickly touched the hearts of thousands

Pathma Gurusamy's post about her recent marriage to Ng Boon Jun in the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits garnered over 36,000 reactions and almost 2,000 comments from the group's more than 1.6 million members.

"I've loved seeing all your posts on interracial marriages and felt like sharing mine," she wrote.

Pathma shared that they held two wedding ceremonies back-to-back in November – one according to South Indian customs and the other according to Chinese practices

On 22 November 2019, they held the Indian wedding at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur.

They both wore traditional Indian wedding regalia at the ceremony in the famous Hindu temple.

The next day, they upheld Chinese wedding traditions with the gatecrashing session and tea ceremony in the morning, followed by a dinner reception in the evening

Donned in Chinese-favoured colour red, they poured tea for over 100 family members and collected ang pows.

Pathma added that her qipao was sewn from a saree and was custom-made by a friend.

During their wedding reception, Pathma donned another qipao, and later switched to a green saree, while Ng wore matching colours.

Image via Mothership

It was a mutual agreement between the couple and their families to hold two weddings to honour their respective traditions, Pathma told SAYS

The challenging part was planning it, as Ng and herself are both veterinarians based in Singapore, while the ceremonies were to be held in Kuala Lumpur.

The couple, who met at university in New Zealand, had to navigate their busy work schedules to get the weddings on track.

"We had family and relatives who helped out a lot with the things that needed us to be there in person when we couldn't," she said.

But it was all worth it

"We're just so happy that both sides of our families got to experience and be part of each other's traditions."

If you can't get enough of these beautiful wedding photos, check out their wedding video produced by a local videography company:

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