This Malaysian Exclusively Crafts Her Accessories That Are Inspired By Nature

Harmini has been running her online business, Deeper Than Fashion, for 13 years now.

Cover image via Harmini Asokumar (Provided to SAYS)

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What started as a way to make money so she could attend a festival soon turned into an accessory-making business for Harmini Asokumar

Harmini Asokumar, founder of Deeper Than Fashion.

Image via Harmini Asokumar (Provided to SAYS)

The 35-year-old 'artpreneur' from Petaling Jaya shared with SAYS that she had really wanted to go for Sunburst Music Festival 13 years ago, but didn't have the money for tickets.

Her parents told her that she'd have to figure it out on her own, and although initially upset by this, looking back, she's grateful they did! 

With the suggestion of her then-boyfriend, Harmini began selling perler bead jewellery she'd been making and gifting to friends to make money for the concert. 

Her online accessory shop, Deeper Than Fashion, started as just a blogshop back then before it became her full-time business

However, just like many others facing hardship during the pandemic, Harmini was forced to delve into other freelance jobs as well.

On top of the business, she currently handles social media marketing and PR work for a restobar. She also does lifestyle writing and content creation, as well as sells other types of artwork such as customised mugs, candles, and jesmonite trays. And she sells her paintings to raise funds for charitable causes.

Most of Harmini's jewellery are made from scratch and she only makes one of each design, so every customer will get a unique piece of their own

This helps her expand her creativity while trying new things on a daily basis.

She also handpicks other pieces, from suppliers or during her travels, to cater to a wider range of accessories, giving her more time to focus on her creations.

Many of the items are earrings, which Harmini enjoys creating the most, even though she initially started off by making dreamcatchers and necklaces

"I got a wedding order for a bride who wanted custom dreamcatchers for her bridal party. I loved that she gave me very basic details and a (realistic) budget, and allowed me to just create whatever I felt would suit the idea best. I love that I got to let my creativity flow and the outcome was probably some of the best work I've done," Harmini told SAYS when asked what was her most interesting order request.

Many of her designs are inspired by nature around her, as she explained that "there's so much going on in the details and colour palettes that the options of what can be created are endless".

"I really like making sea-related designs especially," the Deeper Than Fashion founder said, adding that the best part of the job is being able to let her creativity flow and having customers appreciate her work.

It is, however, challenging to explain why handmade products cost as much as they do.

"[Most people] only see the end product but the process that goes into each piece truly takes so much time and effort. Also, materials are expensive and it's never just one or two colours to be purchased — there needs to be a variety in order to create. Quality jewellery-making supplies cost quite a bit to begin with," she explained.

At the end of the day, when customers express their love for her work, there's a sense of satisfaction for Harmini in knowing her art had made someone's day.

If you'd like to check out Harmini's work or purchase any of her jewellery, follow Deeper Than Fashion on Instagram

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