Can't Drive After A Night Out? This Car Towing Service Brings You & Your Car Home For RM50

Can't drive? The tow truck will take care of it.

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Ever worried about driving home safely after a night out because you had a few drinks?

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Good news! With just RM50, you can now bring yourself and your car home safely after a fun night out.

The service is currently offered by car towing company, Sin Lai Heng Sdn Bhd, in Muar, Johor.

An employee from Sin Lai Heng told SAYS in an interview that they offer service from as low as RM50 to people who can't drive after a night out.

Customers will just have to sit inside their own cars as Sin Lai Heng employees pull up their vehicles into the tow trucks. Let the employees know your the home address, and after a short nap, voila - you'll find yourself at home together with your vehicle.

The idea for the service came to Mohammad Nashley Yusof during the middle of the Movement Control Order (MCO) when business was bad

Nashley related that since the introduction of the service, he has been receiving more calls. According to him, he receives about one or two customers per night on weekends.

He said the service is priced at RM50 for transporting a vehicle within Muar. If the intoxicated customer's home is located outside Muar, he will charge more.

Nashley said the service is meant to help people to get home safely.

"After they are drunk, we know they can't drive. We don't want other road users to be at risk because of drink-drivers as well. Thus, we introduced this service to the people in Muar," he said.

He added that all of his customers are more than happy to pay for his service because they know they can't drive home.

At the time of writing, videos of Nashley's service are going viral on Facebook

"Brothers, I am drunk now. (If you are in) Muar and don't have a designated driver, then you can call for a car towing service to bring you home," said a man behind the camera.

The post was shared to a community group on Facebook and it garnered over 12,000 shares.

Meanwhile, another post with 3,300 shares dubbed the service as 'Designated driver: Muar-style'.

If you wish to know more about Nashley's service, you can reach out to him at +6017-7348941 or +6016-3608271.

Watch the videos here:

Meanwhile, the government is pushing to introduce harsher penalties on drink-drivers in Parliament:

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