[VIDEO] Korean TikToker Compares Prices Of Everyday Items In South Korea & Malaysia

Is everything cheaper in Malaysia?

Cover image via @seonmainmy (TikTok)

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A South Korean TikToker, Seonma, recently went viral after posting a video of herself comparing the prices of everyday items in Malaysia to those in her home country

In the 41-second clip, the woman first compares petrol prices in both countries, claiming that 50 litres of gas in South Korea costs RM277.50 but only RM107.50 in Malaysia.

According to the South Korean native, the high cost of petrol is the reason why most South Koreans travel by public transportation, adding that they do not have other options.

She then compares the price of a 330ml Coca-Cola bottle, revealing that it costs RM5.84 in South Korea and RM2.66 in Malaysia.

"Alamak, more than double [the price]. Okay, I will drink Coca-Cola in Malaysia only," she writes in the video.

Seonma continues to compare other basic necessities between the two countries, finding Malaysia to be less expensive in almost every case

According to the woman, an 8km taxi ride will cost RM46 in South Korea while it only costs RM22.60 in Malaysia.

"Taxi prices in South Korea will increase soon," says Seonma.

Finally, Seonma compares movie ticket prices and says that a standard 2D film in South Korea costs a whopping RM48, while it only costs RM15 in Malaysia.

"If it's for a 4D movie, it is [sold for] RM83," she says, scoffing at the exorbitant price.

"Movie date is not easy la in Korea."

Malaysians were fascinated by Seonma's video and left their thoughts in the comment section

One user commented that the reason why Malaysia has cheaper items is because the ringgit is worth less than the Korean won.

Image via TikTok

Another asked Seonma to compare the salaries in both countries, to which she joked that she does not want to do so because she also earns in Malaysian ringgit.

Image via TikTok

Meanwhile, one user alleged that the minimum wage in South Korea is RM4,000, but only RM1,500 in Malaysia.

Image via TikTok

Watch Seonma's full video here:

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