It Might Sound Crazy But You CAN Survive The Heat Wave Without Busting Your Air-Con Bill

Try these 10 hacks for an instant cool-down!

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As if it wasn't hot enough before, the insane heat wave right now makes stepping out of the house a true act of courage

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Because you know no matter how cool you try to look, everyone can see through your sweat patches

What can you do? Here are 10 cooling hacks you can try:

1. Keep your bedsheets in the freezer

No, seriously! It's a legit trick that people often use to keep cool in those initial moments of hitting the sack. All you need to do is stick them in the freezer just a few minutes before going to bed. Just make sure they're neatly wrapped in a plastic bag to avoid getting frozen chicken-scented sheets (unless that actually sounds like an appealing way to fall asleep to you... hey, whatever rocks your boat!).

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2. Make your own air-con

This genius idea will make you stop cowering in fear every time your TNB bills arrive:

3. Load up on cili padi

There's a good reason why the hottest countries in the world tend to love extra pedas food: spicy foods make you sweat, which helps you cool down faster! A giant glass of teh o ais may sound like heaven, but taking ice cold drinks lowers your internal temperature too quickly, and your body compensates by raising your temperature. The result? You'll feel even warmer!

The trick is to go for spicy foods: your internal temperature rises, your blood circulation increases, you start sweating and once the moisture has evaporated - VOILA! - you're all cooled off!
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4. Stay comfortable the whole day with a cooling deodorant

If you wanna stay comfortable in this hot weather, one thing's for sure: you gotta keep your pits puddle-free! Get rid of that sticky, sweaty feeling with a cooling deodorant like NIVEA MEN Cool Kick, complete with sweat control power and cooling sensation.

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Bonus: It also provides three times the dryness with instant kick of cooling sensation to keep you comfortable and confident under the hot weather. Keen to give it a try? Click here!

5. Take lukewarm showers

Plot twist: Standing under an ice-cold shower isn't actually helping you keep cool in the long run. When the cold water touches your skin, the abrupt change in temperature will make your body try to preserve heat as much as possible. What you can do is take a shower in the 20°C range, so that it's cool enough to lower your body's temperature but still warm enough to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin. Isn't science amazing?

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6. Turn your pick-up truck into a pool

Just line it with a plastic sheet, fill up with water and you've got yourself an instant pool party!

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7. Don't worry if you don't have a pick-up truck; there are still so many ways you can cool down with water ;)

When things get a little too handle to handle, here's how water can help you cool down:
- soak your feet in a basin of water
- keep your head cool by wearing damp bandannas
- keep a spray bottle filled with cool water and spritz everytime you need a pick-me-up

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8. Unplug appliances that are not in use

Most appliances emit heat so always unplug them from the socket when not in use. Cooking appliances like ovens and stoves will heat up your home, so only use when absolutely necessary.

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9. Wear your favourite cotton T-shirt all the time

To keep cool, dress in clothings with natural fibers - cotton is a great choice! Look out for poplin and chambray on the label for lightweight and breathable options.

Keep your bedtime cool too with lightweights cotton sheets. For maximum comfort, there's nothing better than Egyptian cotton.

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10. Whatever you do, don't take dehydration lightly

During a heatwave, there's a much higher chance of being dehydrated and your body may overheat. You'll hear this all the time but seriously: drink a lot of water! Dehydration can cause a whole lot of discomfort from headaches to nausea to muscle weakness, and can be extremely dangerous when prolonged! Take good care of your body and give it all the water it needs, mmmkays?

Do you have your own beat-the-heat tips that works awesome for you? Share with us in the comments below!

On the bright side, at least the haze isn't here (yet):

Or is it?