IGOTW: Thai Copywriter @Tomokot's Candy-Like Pictures And How Motherhood Inspired Her

In this week's IGOTW, we feature @Tomokot, a copywriter from Thailand who's gallery of bright and bold pictures has earned her close to 21k followers on Insta.

Cover image via Tomokot's Instagram

Minimalism is one of the most influential styles of photography today

It's a style of photography that holds true to only one motto - less is more. Due to its extreme simplicity and spareness, minimalist photography focuses on the essentials of life by putting unnecessary things aside.

The use of colour is very important in minimalist photography, it's an extremely useful tool in capturing an eye-catching yet simple shot

Introducing Morakot or better known as @Tomokot on Instagram. The copywriter from Bangkok, Thailand utilises colour very well in her gallery of minimalistic pictures. We caught up with her over the weekend and curated some of her most bright and bold pictures:

She's pretty shy.

Image via Tomokot's Instagram

SAYS: Tell us a little bit about yourself, Morakot!

Morakot: Hello, my name is Morakot or better known as @Tomokot on Instagram. I'm from Bangkok, Thailand! Currently, I work as a copywriter. As a mother of one, I’ve found happiness in simplicity, children, story writing, photography and Instagram.

What's the story behind the name 'Tomokot'?

Tomokot comes from my name “Morakot”, which means emerald in Thai. Also, it was my first e-mail address given to me by one of my very good friends.

How long have you been interested in photography?

I fell in love with taking pictures since I was a kid. I photographed anything in sight. My family knew better than anyone because they were in my lenses almost all the time. When I first joined Instagram, I photographed only what I wanted to see in my gallery, what I thought would reflect my attitude of life. My first picture posted in Instagram got only one like from myself. I still like my pictures even to this day.

Has Instagram changed your photography in any way?

Instagram has not only given me a new mindset towards photography but also inspiration and new friends. From Instagram I’ve discovered my own photograph philosophy - Minimal Is Colourful. To me, photography has no rules, no limits. It’s all about capturing what is happening, what is interesting as fast as you can. Snap the moments is what it’s all about.

When and how did you start your Instagram account?

In 2012, my colleague introduced Instagram to me due to work. That’s how my Instagram experience started.

Your photos are full of vibrancy and colour! What inspires you?

How are we going to have followers without character and style? That’s why I came up with my motto. People used to tell me that they like my colourful candy-like pictures. They give them happiness and smiles. Before posting a picture, I’ll show them to my young son to see whether or not he likes it. Kids love colours naturally, so I spoil him and myself by making all of my pictures come alive with colour. It has became my passion to take a better picture each day.

Do you use a camera or a phone to capture your images?

I use my trusty iPhone 99% of the times, it's my most handy camera, a convenient tool for me to capture anything in an instance.

What editing software or app do you use?

Quite a few actually! But most of the time I use VSCO Cam.

Ever since you took up photography, how has it changed your life?

I’m so glad I’ve met other Instagrammers who've inspired me. I personally think that style is what links us together. There is one Instagrammer I’m very thankful for - she’s the one who gave me my first like, it lifted me up because I only had a few followers then. I've made many friends through Instagram over the years, and I'm thankful for each and every one of them!

Who are some of your favourite Instagrammers?

Some of my favourite Instagrammers are: @peterchanur, @twsi, @chrisnumber8 and @mattcrump. I really love their style!

More colourful minimalism from @Tomokot

Tomokot has over 20k followers on Instagram. She uploads photos throughout the week, with an average of 400k likes per post.

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