7 Trending Colours If You're Thinking Of Sprucing Up Your Home This Raya

Time to impress all your friends and family this Raya! ;P

Cover image via Nippon Paint

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Nippon Paint.

Ready to give your home a mini makeover this festive season?

Image via Nippon Paint

Here's the good news — all you need is a little pop of colour to bring your home to life!

Colours resonate with people in many different ways, some are allured towards calming neutrals to counter the turbulence of life, whilst others are more in favour of vivid colours.

Whether it's repainting an accent wall in the bedroom, or giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift, Nippon Paint has got you covered with trendy colours from their Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Range, consisting of Nippon Paint VirusGuard, Spot-less Plus, and Vinilex Fresh Plus.

Furthermore, choosing the right colour can also make your home look elegant, spacious, and sophisticated. After two long years, it's now your turn to wow your guests this Raya the moment they step right through your doors! :D

Check out these in-trend colours from Nippon Paint that you can use to spruce up your home this Raya:

1. Revive and lighten up the feel of your home with soft golden hues

Image via Nippon Paint

If you're looking for a unique colour choice for the walls in your house, Nippon Paint's Old Mat has a warm tinge of yellow ochre and gold. This helps to add a nice warmth to your bedroom and living room, pairing beautifully with natural textiles and handcrafted Raya home decorations.

It's about time to bring some sunshine into your home with mellow yellows. Find out more about Old Mat (BGG 1703T) and get inspired by many other colour choices.

2. Create a soothing yet uplifting environment with restorative shades of pink

Image via Nippon Paint
Image via Nippon Paint

Subtle, yet appealing to the eye, this aesthetic 'millennial pink' colour is the perfect way to give a chic and dreamy vibe to your kitchen or bedroom, even for the cabinets. The shaded pink of Nippon Paint's Vintage Vase is a delicate clay inspired tone that reflects the need for gentle, restorative colours for this festive season.

Find out more about Vintage Vase (NP R 2386P) and get inspired by many other colour choices.

3. Bring the refreshing spirit of Raya into your home with familiar natural green tones, elevating tranquility and a restful mood

Image via Nippon Paint
Image via Nippon Paint

Bring nature into your home with colours that connect with the great outdoors to restore your spirits and improve your health. Nippon Paint's Dark Green has a calming and soothing effect, making it perfect an accent wall in your study room or bedroom.

Find out more about Dark Green (NP AC 2119A) and get inspired by many other colour choices.

4. Add a hint of indulgence to your everyday life with the deep, rich, and comforting shades of dark red

Image via Nippon Paint

If you want your home to exude more warmth and cosiness, Nippon Paint's Rosy Dreams that gives a sultry combo of burgundy and brown is suitable, whether it's for your vanity, bathroom, or reading corner where you snuggle up with your favourite book. Let's bring a touch of mindful indulgence into your home this Raya season.

Find out more about Rosy Dreams (NP R 1344A) and get inspired by many other colour options.

5. Bring moments of delight with the calming neutral tones that give your living spaces a notable flair of elegance

Image via Nippon Paint
Image via Nippon Paint

It's going to be an elegant Raya this year with Nippon Paint's Beauty Cream, which is designed to reflect light into your rooms and enhance every living space. Let the light in with colours designated for elegant living.

Find out more about Beauty Cream (NP R 2380P) and get inspired by many other colour choices.

6. This Raya, relax and loosen up in a sea of blue, creating a calming immersive space for yourself

Image via Nippon Paint

Bring in this dynamic elegant colour that is suited for every room. Nippon Paint's Far and Beyond embraces nature's blues, bringing about a radiance and elegance into your home.

Find out more about Far and Beyond (NP AC 3433A) and get inspired by many other colour choices.

7. Discover the calm simplicity of neutral colours

Image via Nippon Paint

Enjoy the Raya festivity on a lighter note with the calm simplicity of a monochrome inspired scheme, with Nippon Paint's delicate Woven Straw for a comforting feeling when you have guests over for Raya.

Find out more about Woven Straw (NP N 3242P) and get inspired by many other colour choices.

What's great is that you can get all these trendy colours and more with Nippon Paint's Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Range.

In fact, this range of paint is proven to be effective against the COVID-19 virus*, so that you can enjoy peace of mind, especially when you have guests over.

Image via Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint's new and improved Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial Range comprises Nippon Paint VirusGuard, Spot-less Plus, and Vinilex Fresh Plus, while being a part of their #KeepingEveryoneSafe campaign.

Formulated with Silver Ion Technology, the new and improved anti-viral and anti-bacterial coatings are 99.9% effective against harmful viruses and bacteria on painted surfaces, including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), and resists the growth of microorganisms including mold and fungi.

These environmental-friendly coatings come in various colour choices and also offer other functional benefits, such as anti-fungal, low odour, ultra low VOC, stain repellant, superior mashability, long-lasting colours, and easy maintenance.

*A lab report by Analytical Lag Group in 2020 showed that Nippon Paint with Silver Ion Technology was effective against human coronaviruses, e.g. COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), HCoV-229E1.

If you wanna add a little flair to your home this festive season, check out Nippon Paint's Trend Beyond Colours Guide today or call the customer careline at 1800-88-2663

Image via Nippon Paint

Or, flip through their Trend Beyond Colours 2022-2023 e-book to get more inspiration.

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