So It's 2016. Which Of These Have You NOT Done As A 20-Something?

Don't let another year go by...

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Is that time of the year again...

How could 2015 pass by so quickly without you accomplishing much? Scroll down for a must-do checklist that will start your new year right:

How many of the activities below have you checked off your list?

1. Finally get a tailor-made suit that fits you perfectly

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Stop wearing the suit you have from your high school graduation. A good suit is a suit that fits your body right. Invest in a quality suit. You'll be more confident, and ready to start the year right.

2. Upgrade your economy ticket and try flying business class for the first time

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Time to splurge on all the frequent flyer points to see what it's like to travel business class (especially on an international flight)!

3. Ditch that hipster cafe for an old kopitiam, the one you’ve got a soft spot for

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In the busyness of growing your career in your twenties, it's sometimes easy to forget taking a breather. What's more Malaysian than heading down to your childhood kopitiam and taking a sip of really good coffee?

4. Experience what it's like to go to a fine dining restaurant

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Hawker centres are a great place to eat but every once in awhile, switch it up to a fine dining restaurant. Soak in the sights, sounds, the taste of the whole experience and wash it down with a glass of red wine.

5. Buy tickets to watch the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra live because your soul deserves it

While radio stations play music with lyrics like "You used to call me on my cell phone...", and "I got it from my daddy", a change would do you good. Schedule just one night for an upcoming performance and let your ears experience musical excellence that even the best car speakers can’t offer. Psst, there's a Star Wars themed orchestra show coming soon!

6. Or if classical isn't your thing, unwind to relaxing jazz tunes at No Black Tie

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Classical music not your thing? Get your feet tapping to the sounds of jazz at No Black Tie. The line up changes most of the time so you can expect a different experience each time.

7. Finally read the book you've been procrastinating to read. Get rid of that guilt.

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Is that book from LAST YEAR's Big Bad Wolf Sale collecting dust on your shelf? Dust it, and head to a quiet spot and read it. Nothing beats flipping through pages one by one...

8. Visit an art gallery

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You've taken pictures of street art before in Penang and Ipoh, and you're looking for something more. Why not take a look at your local art gallery? There's plenty of up and coming artists with beautiful artwork. Who knows? Maybe you'll find something you really like to fill in that blank space on your wall.

9. Be the one to organise and cook for a dinner party

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You’ve always been the one to ‘tapau’ something convenient for a dinner party with your friends. It’s time to level up from buying fried rice and fizzy drinks. You don't have to be an expert to understand how to cook and YouTube is a great place to start. Pair up with a friend who can double up as a sous chef!

10. Finally run that 10K you said you'll do in January

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Okay, you didn't get to do the full marathon, nor the half marathon this year. It's a bit late now but you can get a head start in 2016 by completing a 10k run. Start slowly, before increasing the speeds and cutting down your time. Soon enough, you'll be able to brag to your friends about your accomplishments. ;)

Check out the list of running events in January 2016, here.

TL;DR or not ready for anything that requires commitment? There's this one opportunity you shouldn't miss:

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