Ever Gone On Holiday With Friends? You Confirm Know These 11 Types Of People

Which of these do you relate to the most?

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1. The Itinerary Planner a.k.a. the semangat friend who plans everything down to a T

"We need to sleep by 10pm, so we can wake up at 4am to visit the fish market, then we gotta catch the train, and then..."

2. The Human Calculator, who helps you convert currency when you travel overseas

"You think $5 is very cheap ah? If you convert back is RM20 weih!!!"

3. The 'Follow Your Heart' Friend a.k.a. the fun, spontaneous, and carefree friend that makes your trips unforgettable

"Plan what plan? No need to plan so much la."

4. The Picky Eater that we always have to jaga when going out for meals

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"Ew, why are there onions in my salad?"

5. The Extra Adventurous Foodie, who will go above and beyond to find the best food in town

"This egg tart have to line up two hours, but it's damn good. I saw it on YouTube, we must try."

6. The Not-Scared-To-Die YOLO Friend that makes you do things you would never have done

"YASSSS, I heard they have bungee jump down the cliff. Let's go let's go!"

7. The Adventurous Weirdo a.k.a. the one in your friend group who can't resist trying weird stuff

"Deep fried tarantulas? Give us a bag of five, please!"

8. The Overprotective Friend, who needs a little nudge to let go and have fun with the rest

"Umm... I think it's not so safe to snorkel in the open ocean. Maybe we can stick to the hotel swimming pool."

9. The Walking GPS, who will always bring you to your destination

"We walk for another 500 metres, then take a left turn..."

10. The Aspiring Photographer-Vlogger-Filmmaker who spends hours till they get the right shot

"Let's take another selfie here!"

11. The Lazy-To-Go-Out Friend who would rather sleep in than to go out and explore

"Can we just lepak and stay in the hotel room? We paid for it anyways so might as well enjoy it right?"

Ultimately, trips with friends always end up becoming the most memorable ones! Ready to plan your next group trip together?

Image via Jeremy Ng

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