KL Beats Melbourne And Singapore In Top 10 List Of Most Insta-Worthy Food In The World

The study was conducted by Hoppa to find the most Instagrammable locations.

Cover image via Instagram @ku_shirley/Taylor Simpson on Unsplash (Edited by SAYS)

Kuala Lumpur made its way into the top 10 destinations for Instagrammable food and scenery, according to an experiment by a UK-based transport company

On 2 May, Hoppa shared the results of its experiment on the most Instagrammable locations in the world.

Kuala Lumpur is the only Malaysian city listed in the 'Top 50 Instagram destinations'.

Unfortunately, it also saw a drop from 29th place to 39th, when compared to the previous experiment in 2016.

Kuala Lumpur also placed fourth as a city with the most Insta-worthy scenery

Many tourists tend to mistake Batu Caves as part of Kuala Lumpur.

Image via Taylor Simpson/Unsplash

At the top of the list is Santiago, Chile, followed by Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Kiev, Ukraine.

KL beat out neighbouring Phuket, Thailand in the top 10, which placed seventh on the list.

Image via Hoppa

With the constant warring over food, Malaysians will be happy to know that KL was also listed among the cities with the most Instagrammable food

And right above Singapore too. 

Tokyo, Japan takes the top spot. Taipei, Taiwan and Doha, Qatar follow in second and third place.

Image via Hoppa

Visit these places in the Klang Valley if you're inspired to be a tourist in your own country:

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