11 Cosy Places To Stay In Japan That Are Under RM350 And Perfect For Group Stays

Say konichiwa to cheaper stays and more yays!

If you're looking for cheap places in Japan that can accommodate groups who have that home away from home factor then look no further

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We scouted for places in Osaka and Kyoto on the HomeAway website, where you can look for hosts within the Asia Pacific region and book your stays with them.

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1. Zen & Convenient, Kyoto - RM309

This Zen & Convenient 52 square meter space has a traditional Japanese minimalist design where floors covered with tatami, traditional Japanese straw mats and beds are basic futons (traditional Japanese bedding) which are provided there. Ideally, eight people can fit in this four-bedroom space but it's available for as many people as you can squeeze in.

Given that Kyoto Station is just a stones throw away from where you're staying, you and your buddies can make the most out of your time there as you strategically cover the city.

2. Simple cozy Japanese-style room, Osaka - RM148

If you're travelling in a group to Osaka and scouting cheap stays, you'll love this! This simple cozy Japanese-style room is relatively new and its interior crosses between traditional and modern Japanese house designs. The apartment room has two bedrooms and provides four futons that can fit up to five people. Ready-to-use basic amenities are available for you so you can save precious luggage space.

3. Seven minutes to Shin-Osaka station, Osaka - RM262

The apartment, located just a seven-minute walk away from Mido-suji Shin-Osaka station will help speed up your travel time and allow you to tick off all the places to visit within a much shorter timeframe. More good news: everything you need is within walking distance which means everything you need from convenience stores, restaurants, pharmacies to parks are very close by.

4. Tatami room Near Namba, Umeda, Osaka - RM286

When you touch down in Kansai International Airport, you don't have to waste any time at all as the Nankai train will lead you directly to Tatami Room. In 40 minutes, you'll arrive at the apartment home situated at the foot of Tengachaya Station itself which is very close to Namba, Shinsaibashi and Doutonbori. If you're going around the area by foot, you'll come across their local bar, public bath and 24 hour convenience store.

5. Arashiyama Machiya, Kyoto - RM294

Witness up close how the vibrant nightlife of Kyoto unfolds, with plenty of restaurants and bars in your vicinity. Though there's nothing stoping you from looking outside your neighbourhood either as Arashiyama Station is a mere five minute walk away from where you stay. However, 6 bicycles will be provided so you and your friends can cycle wherever you need to go.

The Arashiyama Machiya three-bedroom house will make a comfortable stay for six people where you can also catch a great view of the sunrise and sunset from. Convenience stores too are within walking distance of where you stay.

6. East Shinsaibashi Side by Side Room, Osaka - RM309

Located near "Shotengai", the longest shopping in Osaka that stretches across the city and being in urban central part of the city. The apartment can house up to 5 people but you can opt to get the room next to it and house a total of 10 pax.

You'll have a hard time deciding where to go as the area offers plenty of places to eat, ancient shrines to visit and opportunities to shop so you'll never run out of things to see for as long as you're there.

7. Kawaii Namba Apartment, Osaka - RM253

This kawaii Namba apartment is suitable for four people and is located only 12 minutes away from Dotonbori. It makes a great place to spend your nights at if you're the kind who's keen on exploring Osaka's bustling nightlife. You'll have the whole apartment to yourself so no one will have to worry about curfews.

8. Big Minami Apartment, Osaka - RM235

The Big Minami Apartment is clean and spacious. Also, the location is incredibly practical since it's situated relatively near to Dotonburi and Kuromon Market which are about 15 minutes away by foot. Not to mention, Matsuyamachi station is only a three minute walk away meanwhile convenience stores and eateries are about just as close.

9. Dotonbori Soemon Blue House, Osaka - RM220

Fit for six guests, Dotonbori Soemon Blue House provides easy access to all the city's entertainment hotspots such as Dotonbori and Kuromon market which only takes five minutes to reach by foot whereas the nearest station, Tanimachi Kyūchōme home station is only slightly further away, taking nine minutes by foot.

10. Osaka near Namba, Osaka - RM237

Six single beds are provided which are great for those who like to have their own space. The apartment is eight minutes from both Nankai Namba and Nipponbashi station. It is suggested that you try out the Osaka River cruise and fresh seafood from Kuromon market or go castle hopping around the Kansai area nearby. Moreover, supermarkets and convenience stores are accessible within walking distance of about five minutes.

11. Luxury flat amazing sea view, Okinawa-Ken - RM194

Mid century design equipped with modern amenities, this homey flat in Okinawa-Ken rests on top of a hill and can house up to 8 guests.

You can soak in the beautiful sights of the Pacific ocean and East China sea, good for those who prefer a chilled out holiday. Also be sure to visit Nakamura Family Resident, a pre war home as well as the Nakagusuku Castle Ruins which resides on top of a mountain, the view there is amazing and is said to be one of the most haunted sites in Okinawa.

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