6 Unexpected Food Experiences You Should Check Out The Next Time You're In Australia

There's so much more than just shrimps on the barbie!

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Many Malaysians don't think of Australia as a foodie destination but y'all couldn't be more wrong mate!

There's so much more to Australian food than just meat pies, fish and chips, and barbecues. It's time to stop underestimating The Land Down Under and start recognising it as the true foodie destination it is! 

Not only does it have a totally happening café scene, it's also home to some unique food experiences like picking/catching your own fruits, vegetables, and seafood, visiting fresh produce markets, dining in gorgeous locations, and more.

Tourism Australia invites you to UnDiscover Australia and open yourself up to enjoying some of the most celebrated food experiences on Earth.

Here are some truly unique must-try food experiences from all around Australia:

1. Try one-of-a-kind creations from cool, hipster cafés

Brunch enthusiasts will absolutely love going on café-hopping adventures in Australia. Even if you pick a café at random, you're sure to discover some kind of amazing creation on the menu that not only looks stunning, but also tastes incredible.

Our top picks:

Blue Majik Bowl @ Concrete Jungle, Sydney
Unicorn Cronut Cone @ Chocolate Komberry Co., Brisbane
Matcha Burger & Smurf Latte @ Matcha Mylkbar, Melbourne
French Earl Grey Hot Chocolate @ T Totaler, Sydney

2. Go on pick-your-own-ingredient adventures

Get a taste of the rural life while having fun picking various types of fruits and vegetables. You can either enjoy them as-is after you've picked them or get the local farmers to use your self-picked delights to whip up some tasty dishes.

Our top picks:
Picking tree-ripened apples @ Rayner's Orchard, Victoria
Plucking fresh berries @ Hillwood Berry Farm, Tasmania
Explore organic vegetable gardens @ Burnside Organic Farms, Western Australia
Hunt for prized black truffles @ Manjimup, Western Australia

Image via BuzzFeed

3. Check out where locals shop for the best quality produce

Love cooking for yourself even while on vacation? There's no better place to pick up the freshest ingredients than at local produce markets. Local farmers and merchants will have only their very best wares on offer, and there's always interesting stalls selling all kinds of mouth-watering treats.

Our top picks:
South Melbourne Market, Victoria
Capital Region Farmers' Market, Canberra
Adelaide Farmers' Market, Adelaide
Gold Coast Organic Market, Queensland

Image via Trip Advisor
Image via Trip Advisor

4. Feast on delectable gems from under the sea

Did you know that Australia has some of the most pristine waters in the world? This is what makes its seafood so delicious, well-deserving of its global reputation for excellence. Taste for yourself and discover why Australian seafood is truly one of the best in the world.

Our top picks:

See, taste, and buy bountiful supplies of fresh fish @ Sydney Fish Market, Sydney
Dine on multi-award-winning local seafood delicacies @ Saint Peter, Sydney
Pluck and eat oysters directly from the sea @ Freycinet Marine Farm, Tasmania
Experience the traditional hunt for mud crab @ Kimberly, Western Australia

Image via Qantas
Image via Trip Advisor

5. Dine in gorgeous locations with breath-taking views

Kick back and relax as you enjoy the best of both worlds - scrumptious dishes paired with stunning views of deserts, oceans, mountains, cityscapes, and more. You won't know which one you like more and will definitely linger long after you're done with your meal.

Our top picks:

Outdoor dining with an element of adventure @ Fervor, Western Australia
Breakfast on the balcony @ Bib & Tucker, Perth
Brunch with gorgeous panoramic views @ Signal Station Brasserie, Tasmania
Dine under the sparkling outback sky @ Sounds of Silence, Northern Territory

6. Taste world-renowned local boutique spirits

Australia is well-known for its world class wines, but it is also home to some amazing boutique spirits that are gaining recognition globally. Whether you're looking for a taste of whiskey, gin, or craft beers, the best way to sample them is to drop by a distillery. Witness the masters at work, try the best food pairings, and maybe even learn how to make your own.

Our top picks:
Flavoured gin and aged brandy @ Bass & Flinders Distillery, New South Wales
Moonshine and whiskey @ Whipper Snapper Distillery, Western Australia
Learn the alchemy of crafting gin @ Barossa Gin School, South Australia
Malt whiskey, vodka, beer, and more @ Lark Distillery, Tasmania

Image via The Farm Eatery
Image via My Bondi Summer

Forget everything you thought you knew about food in Australia and UnDiscover it by going on an epic food trail around the country!

Here's more inspiration for planning your Aussie trip itinerary: