[VIDEO] Are Malaysians Too Embarrassed To Talk About Periods?

We asked everyday Malaysians about the taboo!

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Periods have been a taboo in cultures all over the world... but that's beginning to change

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Nowadays, there's definitely more awareness and education surrounding periods globally. They are talked about in TV shows, movies, and talk shows. 

But is this the case for a conservative Asian culture like ours? We wanted to find out if Malaysians were willing to talk about periods or if they're still shy.

In a SAYS voxpop session in partnership with Libresse, we spoke to Malaysian men and women about periods and were surprised by how open and honest they were

One of them wasn't too sure about the basics...

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"Period, I think... girls have it once a month. Then, it lasts for weeks..." Hmmm... not quite bro, but good try!

While a husband told us about buying pads for his wife

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The ladies gave us their special 'code names' for when they wanted to say "period" in public, too

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And then there was a special treat for everyone at the end!

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Watch the FULL video here:

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Once again, Libresse is championing the message that period is period - there's no need for shame or embarrassment!

Let's break the taboo together and empower girls and women. Call periods and pads by their real names! :)

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