Watch These Cute Uncles Busk In Penang Using A Racquet, Pots, And Milo Tins

The funds they collect goes to a home in Thailand.

Although they've been performing for years, a recent video of a group of uncles busking by the side of the road in Penang has gone viral since it was posted last week

The drummer often performs by himself, but he is occasionally backed up by his fellow musician friends and singers

He and his fellow guitarist friend seen wearing matching T-shirts. But that isn't the cutest part yet...

Aside from a one ride cymbal and stands to hold the equipment, their whole "drum set" seems to be made out of utensils you can find in your mother's kitchen

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He improvises with tupperwares, aluminium pots, Milo, and milk powder tins...

... and he even has a kettle that replaces the hi-hat cymbal

Too cute.

Next to him, you'll find his guitarist friend wearing black shades and strumming tunes from a makeshift tennis racquet

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He's even changed the colour of his "guitar" before. Definitely 'A' for effort. 

Talk about performing in style.

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The uncles play classic tunes for passer-bys on Armenian Street in Georgetown, Penang every Saturday from 5pm to 9pm.

So, the next time you're in Penang on the weekend, you know where to stop by! :)

Perhaps, even donate some money to support their fundraising efforts for St. Joseph Home located in Yala, in a province south of Thailand.

Here's another video of them busking:

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