[VIDEO] We Find Out How Much Malaysian Millennials Actually Know About Money

Are you aware of how much you save AND how much you spend?

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RinggitPlus recently partnered with Visa to come up with the Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2019

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While many Malaysians thought they managed their finances well, the survey results revealed the exact opposite.

To see how good Malaysian millennials were at handling our finances, we decided to do some real honest soul searching. Watch what happened in the video below:

We started off quite confident...

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Darian: "I think I'm a three on financial literacy."

Colin: "Three?"

Jenna: "Three as well."

... but they got us with the first question T.T

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Jenna: "Be honest, do you think you have control of your spending? Are you aware of how much you save and how much you spend?"

Gwen: "NOPE!"

Colin: "Where do we even begin with this?!"

By the time we were midway through, we were starting to really doubt our financial literacy

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Colin: "Credit score means I am still doing quite well with my finances."

Everyone else: *face palm*

But this quote was GOLD

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Darian: "The best time to start investing is yesterday."

So how financially literate are you? Read the full results of the Malaysian Financial Literacy Survey 2019 on the RinggitPlus website today!

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