[VIDEO] Is Frozen Food Fresh?

We went to the factory of the world's inventor of frozen paratha!

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Have you ever wondered if frozen food is fresh?

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Some say due to the food being frozen for a long period of time, it loses its texture, freshness and goodness.

Recently, we were invited to visit Kawan Food Berhad's factory to explore how they make their frozen food

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Fun fact: Did you know that Kawan invented the world's first frozen paratha?

They are also Malaysia’s leading exporter and largest manufacturer for frozen food like naan, paratha, tortilla bread, and a wide variety of finger food, so they really know their stuff!

Their products are sold in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and other major markets around the world.

Managing director, Timothy Tan, gave us a tour around the factory so we could see how their quick freezing technology works behind-the-scenes

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It's a lot more technical than we imagined it to be!

And of course... we got to try some of their products, fresh from the factory!

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Watch the full video here:

Don't forget to look for Kawan products the next time you do your groceries! :D

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