[VIDEO] Malaysians Guess Nostalgic Scents

"I think you're smelling me!"

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Nothing brings up nostalgic feelings quite like the smell of something from our childhood... kan?

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But how many nostalgic scents can we recognise? We put ourselves... we mean our noses to the test!

Image via SAYS why we started confidently lah of course! Well um... ok maybe not.

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Do you think we managed to find the items and sniff out nostalgia? Watch the full video to find out:

Ahhhh don't you just love those classic childhood scents <3 But did you know that aside inducing memories, certain scents can also be beneficial to our mind and body?

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Fruity scents capture the essence of deliciousness. This light and oh-so-fresh tends to be a bit sweeter than most fragrances, and certain scents leave you refreshed, energetic and full of life, while some enhance concentration and are really amazing stress relievers.

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Meanwhile, floral scents are most popular for their strong, yet sweet and pleasing fragrance. They are equivalent to blooming bouquets, and certain flowers spur action and make us feel less anxious, while others reduce stress and put us in good mood. Some scents are so relaxing that they even make everyday feel like holiday too, like Glade® Lavender!

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Speaking of that, did you know that floral-fruity scent combinations have become increasingly popular these days?

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Glade® totally has a fragrance for that, because you can get the best of both worlds with their newest Peony and Berry Bliss!

It is well-noted with sweet citrus berry and delicate notes of peonies and pink roses, so it is not too overwhelming and leaves the surrounding smelling naturally fresh and sweet! Confirm make you go "Ahhhhhhhh! Like walking in the garden like that!"

Fancy this new scent? Check out more of Glade® brand new fragrances here!

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