[VIDEO] "Mama's Kek Lapis" – M'sians Share The Things They Miss Most About Home

Featuring Malaysians from different walks of life, this Hari Malaysia video is set to give you all the feels.

Cover image via Pharmaniaga Berhad (Official) (YouTube)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Pharmaniaga Group.

With the ongoing travel restrictions, many Malaysians have not stepped foot in their hometown for months :/

From enjoying homecooked meals to throwing birthday and festive celebrations, and of course, spending time with our loved ones, there are just soooo many things we miss about not being able to balik kampung. Aiyaa, we miss the good ol' days lah!

While we've thankfully been able to stay in touch via phone and video calls, as well as sending each other care packages, it's just not the same as being together in person. Hopefully, as the situation improves, we'll be able to be reunited soon! <3

Knowing how tough it has been for Malaysians who have not been able to return home the past months, Pharmaniaga Group launched Rindu, a short emotional film that is bound to make you cherish your loved ones more

Watch the full video below: 

In celebration of Hari Malaysia, Pharmaniaga Group wants to remind Malaysians that no matter where you are, you can still cherish every moment together. All it takes is a little bit of time and effort.

Featuring Malaysians from all walks of life, the video showcases their stories and the things they miss most about home.

The short film starts off by showing a few Malaysians with their attention focused on a piece of paper. Upon taking a closer look, we see that they're writing down the things they miss most about home. :/

Arifin: "I'm sorry, I couldn't return home for Raya this year." 

As everyone starts to get all emotional by reminiscing about the good times back home, they're greeted with a surprise that takes their breaths away, awwww!

Arifin: "What's this, bro?" 

Turns out Pharmaniaga Group actually reached out to all their loved ones, asking for heartfelt messages and gifts to make these Malaysians' day. <3 

From receiving kek lapis to baju raya, and even personally curated gifts, everyone ends up teary-eyed and deeply touched by their loved ones' gestures. *cue the waterworks!*

Ben: "Mum, did you send me cakes?" 

Mum: "Yes." 

Ben: "Thank you." 

Mum: "You're welcome. Okay, bye sayang." 

Ben: "Bye. Love you." 

Mum: "Okay, take care. Love you too." 

For more than 25 years, Pharmaniaga Group has cared about the health and wellbeing of Malaysians by manufacturing health supplements and medicine, as well as developing medical tools and equipment for hospitals

Besides supplying vaccines for the country, Pharmaniaga Group has also been doing so much more for Malaysians. Their ultimate aim? To do business with passion and conscience.

From nurturing young Malaysians to investing almost RM9 million for corporate social responsibility projects, and even sending hopeful and heartfelt messages through their Hari Malaysia video, Pharmaniaga Group believes in creating a lasting legacy and developing a better nation.

Thank you Pharmaniaga Group for delivering such a heartwarming message this Hari Malaysia. <3 For more information about Pharmaniaga Group, head over to their website!

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