"Am I Doing This Wrong?" — M'sian Mothers Share What Their Pregnancy Journeys Look Like

It's always good to be prepared and plan ahead.

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Hopping into a new chapter of life, be it adulthood or parenthood, can be exciting and nerve-racking at the same time

It's totally normal to be overwhelmed when starting a new journey, especially one you have yet to experience. From wondering how things will turn out to worrying about the challenges you will face along the way, your concerns about this new stage of life are valid. The beginning is always the scariest, but things do get better with time! 

With pregnancy, no one mother will have the same experience, whether it's pregnancy symptoms and cravings, or the process of childbirth and dealing with physical changes. 

Want to know what actually mothers have gone through, from pregnancy to early parenthood?

We collaborated with Prudential and got three amazing mothers at different pregnancy stages to share their experiences

The three mothers, Leia, Caroline, and Hada, sat down with us to share their pregnancy journeys and ideal birth plans. 

Check out the video below where they spill the tea about motherhood: 

Caroline confessed that her imagination of childbirth was a tad bit unrealistic, while Leia thought hers would be similar to her mum, awww <3

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Caroline: "You think everything is going to be fine, everything is sunshine and rainbows. But then eventually you find out reality is far from [it]."

Leia: "My ideal childbirth experience would be, of course, like my mum's, right? 'Cause she's always telling me like 'Awhh, you know what, your body will know what to do, you don't have to be nervous, you don't have to be scared, yea, you just push the baby out, it's like pooping.' So.."

Leia also told us that it was difficult to see her body go through changes physically

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Leia: "I'm the heaviest I've ever been. It's a bit hard, you know, with the body changes and everything, you know. Will there be any stretch marks? How do I get back my body to my usual self before birth?"

When it came to sharing whether postpartum depression is real, Hada, who has a 19-month-old, broke down thinking about her situation

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Hada: "When motherhood hit me, you know, we always think that 'Am I doing this wrong? Am I doing this right? What is this motherhood?' But at the end of the day, we just want our children and us to be happy. After a while, I realised (I should) appreciate even the little things and stop comparing my motherhood with other mothers, it all, you know, turned out better." 

Hada advises mothers-to-be to have a prenatal protection plan, like how she did, that covers both the mum and baby

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Hada: "It's good to have like jaundice coverage, because a lot of insurance plans, they don't cover for the incubation period, under the blue light. So, from there she (Hada's daughter) got a phototherapy. It was quite a lot for us to pay."

Although motherhood is different for every mum, the ultimate goal is the same — to give their child the best and see them grow healthily.

Prudential understands the importance of providing support to both mum and baby during the pregnancy journey, which is why they created a comprehensive prenatal plan, PRUMy Child Plus, to provide mental and physical protection, during and after pregnancy.

If you're a soon-to-be parent and are looking for a prenatal plan that provides coverage from as early as 13 weeks of pregnancy, and protects the child until the age of 100, then PRUMy Child Plus is your best choice.

With PRUMy Child Plus, not only will your baby's welfare be taken care of, but yours will be too, as it covers nine pregnancy complications with a lump sum payout of up to RM8,000, as well as mental wellness during pregnancy, one year after giving birth, and many more.

Have a look at some of the other benefits of PRUMy Child Plus for mum and baby:
- In the event you have an early delivery via emergency C-section before your baby is 36 weeks old, you will receive a payout of up to RM8,000
- Receive up to RM50,000 yearly for hospitalisation until the age of seven for babies with structural congenital conditions, such as cleft palate, abnormal limbs, or any of the 27 listed congenital conditions including heart defects, cerebral palsy, and spina bifida
- Children diagnosed with developmental disorders such as autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) will receive yearly support of up to RM8,000 until the age of seven

PRUMy Child Plus has three plans, starting from RM260 per month to suit your different needs

You can rest assured during your pregnancy journey knowing that all their plans include high medical coverage with a guaranteed auto-increasing limit every year, along with critical illness coverage and basic protection that protects the child until the age of 100.

Plus, PRUMy Child Plus also includes accidental coverage that protects the child up to 70 years of age.

Find out more information about Prudential's PRUMy Child Plus on their website

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