[VIDEO] Seven Reasons Why The IKEA BookBook Is Smarter Than Your Tablet

Every once in a while, there comes a technology so simple that it re-invents how we look at everyday things. The IKEA BookBook does exactly that.

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1. The IKEA BookBook is absolutely cable-free (no need to untangle messy cables!) and its battery life is eternal. You will never, EVER run out of juice.

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2. When was the last time your tablet stretched out to twice its width? Easily expand the 7.5 x 8 inch interface to the widescreen option of 15 x 8 inches when you feel like it.

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3. Comes with the original touch interface, including 328 hi-definition pages you can actually feel

Image via IKEA

4. With its slickly designed pages, BookBook also makes browsing utterly simple, and no matter how fast you scroll, each page loads instantly. Zero lag!

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5. Thanks to its revolutionary colour tagging system introduced by the BookBook makers, multiple users can enjoy confusion-free access to content inside. Colourful. Magical.

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6. A specially designed fail-proof "voice activated passport protection" system that ensures a hack-free feature unlike any other tablet

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7. You don't have to save up to buy the BookBook, no monthly fee either. It's totally free!

Image via IKEA

Watch the BookBook demo video here:

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