[VIDEO] We Take On The #CabaranKontrolMacho To See How Well We Can 'Tahan' Spicy Food

"Running water from your nose is still macho right?"

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Have you guys seen the #CabaranKontrolMacho that's been going around social media lately?

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It involves taking up the challenge to eat a serving of the new Maggi Pedas Giler noodles. But it's not just about whether you can handle eating the super spicy noodles, you also have to be macho enough to control your expression while doing it!

We decided to take it up but with an added twist - we did it battle royale style where the winner from each round would stay on to face the next contender

Some of us actually really knew how to handle the heat like true pros!

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Zaidi: "Is it spicy or not for you?"

Aditya: "Uhhh, from 1-5 lah, it's memang 5. But since I'm macho, I can handle it!"

But then the true reality of the situation finally started setting in and we. regretted. everything.

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Yong Sheng: "Literally feel the numb all over my body now wei, even my chest!"

Like, for reals guys T__T

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Zaidi: "Ashley! You okay or not Ashley? Just mengaku kalah lah okay?"

Ashley: *dying*

So who was the final winner? Watch the video below to find out:

Think you can do better? Take on the #CabaranKontrolMacho with Maggi Pedas Giler and see how you fare!

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Even if you're not up for the challenge, you should still give the all-new Maggi Pedas Giler noodles a try! Fans of spicy food will love how this unassuming bowl of mi goreng is actually packed full of flavour, making it super yummy and super spicy at the same time. The kick comes from chili padi btw ;)

Choose from 2 spicy-liscious flavours: Ayam Bakar or Tom Yummz. Look out for it at your nearest grocery stores today!

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