[VIDEOS] Top 11 Chinese New Year Ads Of 2015: The Weird, The Funny And The Touching

It's approaching Chinese New Year, and all the big brands are not sparing any expense to give us a message of reunion, family and joy. Watch some of the best CNY ads we found on the Internet in this SAYS compilation here.

Cover image via TNB via YouTube

1. Tenaga Nasional. The electricity provider showcased a very apt commercial titled "Share the Lights", where two neighbours duke it out to see who has the best CNY decorations.

2. Hotlink. What's better than hearing Eminem or Kanye West rap? Three Malaysian aunties rapping about CNY! So cool lah!

3. Petronas. You can't have a CNY list without including Petronas! What would you do if you were miles away from home?

4. Who says a e-commerce site can't make touching videos? This commercial speaks on how a simple item can reunite long lost friends...

5. Malaysia Airlines. The Malaysian airline shares the importance of family in this very muhibbah video that features a stellar cast!

6. SanCora Paint. This is probably one of the weirdest CNY ads we've seen so far! They've paid tribute to a few famous CNY commercials, can you spot them all?

7. Astro Ceria. Epitomising the 1 Malaysia spirit, this CNY ad by Astro features Malaysians of all backgrounds singing in Malay!

8. TuneTalk. Short and straight to the point, TuneTalk reminds all of us to put our phones down once awhile to spend time with people in front of us.

9. Smirnoff. Wonder what it's like to tour around The God of Prosperity's crib? Meet The Choys... P.S. Don't underestimate Choy San, he's quite badass

10. Eu Yan Sang. Instead of going for the traditional reunion message, Eu Yan Sang focused more on the must-have dishes each culture has for CNY. It's making us hungry!

11. Maxis. Is there more to a name? Does it symbolise something great? Maxis explores this idea with their ad #ThisIsMyName. What's yours?

Brush up more on Chinese culture before you head back for CNY HERE:

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