15 Gorgeous Wedding Décor Ideas From WAF 2015

The Wedding. Arts. Fashion (WAF) event in Kuala Lumpur on 21 and 22 March 2015 took everything you love about dreamy weddings and turned them into reality fit for modern brides-to-be. Be inspired!

  • We made a list of beautiful ideas modern brides-to-be should pin onto their wedding mood board:

  • 1. Quirky postcards for guests to 'send' their love to you. Nevermind the guestbook!

    • They also double as postcards! Personal and affordable, these quirky invitations are designed by the brilliant people of WAF.

  • 2. Grecian drapes of cascading chiffon, looped through twine ringlets for a simple yet ethereal effect

  • 3. Beautiful calligraphy on a huge chalkboard as a photo backdrop. Write a romantic quote!

    • This calligraphy is handwritten by DC Calligraphy. The writing can be incorporated onto any space to beautify it, provided as long as it's writable!

  • 4. An old-school looking polaroid booth

    • Guest can now leave their selfie-sticks at home with the WOW Photobooth. They'll have tons of fun taking pictures using the art-tech-stic machines that prints photos in a snap. Plus, it comes with silly props too!

  • 5. Painting your wedding cake so your guests feel like they're eating a slice of edible art

      • D332 Image via Says
        Make mine gold
    • Chevron prints, brushes of colour and pretty embellishments like these realistic fondant flowers are a great modern take on the traditional tiered wedding cake. Cake by Bliss & Glitz.

  • 6. Using vines and candlesticks (they don't have to be lit, we have electricity for that!) as table decor for rustic charm

    • Table arrangement by Bliss & Glitz.

    • Macarons as door gifts in a resealable packet. Spot the cute little leaf.

  • 7. A terrarium for the boho bride!

      • F512 Image via Says
        Decor by The Peak Xperience
  • 8. Accents of antique gold for high-society glamour

    • We love the modern take by Mint, an event and soirees planner. Using classic black and white with a dash of gold and adding geometric designs into the classic shapes is a modern spin on traditional table setting.

  • 9. Throwing sequinned fabric over the VIP table

    • We didn't know glitter and flowers could look so gorgeous on a plate until The Wishing Tree incorporated it in this table set. They look good enough to eat!

  • 10. That lightbulb moment when you illuminate your wedding portraits and posters like this

    • Memories, like they were from a movie scene.

  • 11. Personalised door gifts for brides who love thoughtful detail - spot the tiny jars of cake!

    • We absolutely adore this tiny jars and printed canvas pouches by Craft Kitchen!

      • 3795 Image via Says
        Something special for your bridesmaids by Craft Kitchen
  • 12. Meters and meters of rope to cushion takeaway boxes!

    • If you're feeling generous, you could always give a whole wedding takeaway box a la The Peak Xperience, an amazing wedding planner with a unique eye for detail and design.

  • 14. Who would've thought: a trashcan as a vase!

    • Crates, boxes, milk cans and a (clean) trashcan for a little boost of backyard romance. Also the perfect setup to stash beer bottles!

  • 15. Switch up the 'Just Married' sign and clanging tin cans with streamers and a floral wreath!

    • Now you can drive off into your rosy sunset with flower petals trailing after you. Have a happy marriage!

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