PJ Folks Are Going To Dig What The Alleys Of SS2 Have Become!

The back lanes of SS2′s shop lots have been transformed from gross to gorgeous with alleyway wall art by Malaysian artists. All the photos here!

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If you've always thought old 'lorong belakangs' in SS2 could only be gross, think again. You're going to love a good chunk of the photos in this story.

UPDATED: The ‘Bestnya Malaysiaku’ Art Wall Competition is responsible for these murals popping up around SS2. It was a joint effort between Damansara Utama assemblyman Yeo Bee Yin’s office, Lee Suet Sen, Petaling Jaya City Councillor (MBPJ) for SS2 and Street Art Movement (S.A.M)

From students to freelance illustrators, these artists are tasked to put their magic touches on nine chosen lanes after their initial submissions made it through a panel of four consultant artists for the project.

Yee Bee Yin tells SAYS, "This project is the first step for us in SS2 commercial center face uplift initiatives. Arts has the magic to bring greater awareness among different stakeholders to take care of their surroundings."

"Local artists in Malaysia are talented and they are invaluable asset to the society. We hope to provide more platforms for them to contribute tangibly to the community," she said.

1. "Forgiveness" by The Two Queens is the winner for the Bestnya Malaysiaku competition

The two artists for this mural is Ellie Yong and Deborah Tan.

In Ellie's Facebook she quips the meaning behind "Forgiveness":

"Preserving peace in a chaotic world is like keeping a lantern burning in the dark, blossoming for those who can find strength to forgive the past, and look to tomorrow. This painting tells of the beauty of a peaceful Malaysia in all its fragile wonder."

From sketch to final

Image via Ellie Yong/Facebook

Where: Professor, Jln SS2/64.

2. "Singing In The Rain" by Studio Selipar

Image via Studio Selipar
Image via Studio Selipar

Where: Restoran Chan Meng Kee, Jln SS2/66.

3. "Suara Anak Malaysia" by Happy Human

A quip from Happy Human on the message behind the mural:

"The theme for the wall art painted is a collective of truthful Malaysian voices that say what they think and how they feel about Malaysia. The idea is to inspire more people to speak up and be truthful about this country that they call home. We believe that if we speak the truth, we will be heard."

Where:Zen Spa, Jln SS2/64.

4. "Lat Tali Tamplon" by Ceghito

Where: Focus Point, Jln SS2/67.

5. "Stay Under The Roof" by Kelseyz X Violet

Image via Troublexy

Where: Zouk Spa, Jln SS2/67.

6. "Bestnya Malaysiaku" by N4

Where: SS World Wellness, Jln SS2/67.

7. "Memories of Anak Malaysia" by Gila-Gila

Where: Hospital Seapark Bersalin, Jln SS2/63.

8. "Kedai Gunting Rambut Lyla" by Lyla

A part of the mural.

Image via Rukun Tetangga SS2B

Where: Restoran Ipoh Sedap, Jln SS2/63.

UPDATED: The last picture of this segment was previously thought to be the artist of the "Suara Anak Malaysia" mural and the second runner up for the competition. However, the artist is actually Lyla and is the second runner up for her "Kedai Gunting Rambut Lyla" mural. We apologise for our mistake and any inconvenience caused to the artists and readers.

9. "Fantasy Malaysia" by DE 90's

Where: Yi Yin Jewellers, SS2/61.

Here's a map to hunt them all. Happy snapping guys!

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Image via

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