Huawei Teases Their New Smartphone With Close-Up Shots From Wang Leehom's Latest Concert

Check out his all-black sparkly bodysuit!

Cover image via Huawei Malaysia

Wang Leehom just ended the Malaysian leg of his 'Descendants of the Dragon 2060' concert tour

Image via Wang Leehom

On 16 March 2019, Wang Leehom lit up the stage at Stadium Merdeka, treating music fans to a cool high-tech performance unlike any other. The concert featured a unique sci-fi stage set in the form of a huge spaceship, sophisticated LED lighting, holograms, animated movies, and superb choreography.

Besides the new songs from his 'Descendants of the Dragon 2060' tour, Leehom also got fans to sing along to classics like 'One And Only' (唯一), 'Heartbeat' (心跳), as well as 'All The Things You Never Knew' (你不知道的事).

Leehom even did a special rendition of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect', making it an unforgettable night for everyone

If you missed it, you need to check out these spectacular shots of Leehom taken during the concert with the soon-to-be-launched Huawei P30 smartphone

Image via Huawei Malaysia

Look at how far away Leehom is on stage, but how close the Huawei P30 can zoom into his all-black sparkly bodysuit.

Image via Huawei Malaysia

Here's another shot of Leehom in one of his modern outfits for the night.

You can even see super close-up shots of Leehom and his instruments

Image via Huawei Malaysia

Leehom is actually on the left of the big-screen display, highlighted in the green box. Despite being such a long distance away, check out how the Huawei P30 manages to capture the details of Leehom and his violin despite all the rapid movements.

Image via Huawei Malaysia

If you were in the crowd, you probably wouldn't be able to see much of the dragon-inspired grand piano with your bare eyes. But look at how far the Huawei P30 can zoom in thanks to its extreme telephoto capabilities.

While the Huawei P30 is slated to be launched on 26 March 2019, we've already seen it in action on several occasions

Image via Huawei Malaysia

It was first seen during a recent Blue concert in Kuala Lumpur.

Image via Huawei Malaysia

And then on Malaysian actress Fasha Sandha's Instagram account for her pre-wedding photos.

This also isn't the first time Huawei has come up with a unique smartphone camera

Last year, the company launched the Huawei P20 series, which was the first phone in the world with a triple-lens setup.

Not long after, the Mate 20 series was launched, also retaining the triple-lens feature found in the P20 series. With the Mate 20 and P20 both achieving identical DxOMark scores of 109, it's clearly evident that Huawei is no stranger to making special phones.

Needless to say, we're excited to see the actual unveiling of the Huawei P30 series and what it can offer to everyday users and avid concert-goers

Image via TechNave

Huawei Malaysia has also announced they will be giving away the Huawei Backup as a possible freebie along with the Huawei P30 series. This 1TB external hard drive will give you all the space you need to store your photos, videos, and documents on the go.

For more information on the Huawei P30 series, stay tuned to their website

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