12 Steps You Can Do To Balik Kampung In Style When You Have Truly Made It

You'll be the talk of the kampung for many years to come!

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It's time to balik kampung and you wanna go back in style because you've graduated from mainstream. These 12 steps are just a foretaste of an ever more glamorous celebration...

Step 1: The first step to greatness takes place in your shower chamber. You need to smell like a million bucks.

Step 2: Your festive wardrobe is a sophisticated collection displaying maturity and minimalism. Your mother will still approve of how you pay homage to tradition because you're refined like that.

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Step 3: Whip your hair into shape for the 4-hour car ride. Pomade, check.

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Step 4: Call your homeboy Wak Doyok to be part of your balik kampung entourage. After all, the type of company is important.

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Step 5: You're prepared. So much so that your duit raya packets are made of money...

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Duit raya-ception!

Step 6: And your raya packets are filled with blank cheques...

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Just make sure it doesn't bounce!

Step 7: You know it's important to stay awake during the drive. Load up all your Raya mixtape beforehand. Choose your songs carefully. (We'll tell you why later).

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Notable songs:
Balik kampung by Sudirman
Suasana di Hari Raya by Anuar Zain and Elina
Dendang Perantau by P. Ramlee
Cahaya Aidilfitri by Black Dog Bone
Selamat Hari Raya by Fazidah Joned

Step 8. Load up your bags, gear, and friends. Want to bring your favourite sofa too? No problem!

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The new Honda CR-V has all the space you need to fit the things you want with 589 litres of space! You don't have to struggle like these guys...

Step 9: Bags check, music loaded. Now it's time to go! Embark in style in an AWARD WINNING car

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Travel back with your family in style in the new Honda CR-V because everyone in your family deserves it.

Step 10: Turn up your music and sing along to the best raya songs with your aviators on

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With HDMI support, the Honda CR-V is able to mirror all your favourite apps from your phone.

Step 11: When you reach your kampung, turn your music louder and wind down your windows to let everyone know you're home

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Turn your speakers up 110% with Sudirman's "balik kampung" on blast.
Alternative songs:
"I'm coming home": Skylar Grey.

Step 12: You dress and drive in style, so make sure you also greet your elders in style. Remember to salam them too!

You've made it! Now go and spread your knowledge to others!