[VIDEO] We Tested U Mobile's Network In Bentong To See How Good It Really Is

"I thought the coverage of U Mobile would be kinda like patchy right?"

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One of the biggest issues we face when travelling locally is our phone signal and network coverage

Everything's all fine and dandy when we're chilling in the city, but the minute we head out of urban areas is usually when everything starts to go haywire. No signal lah, cannot connect to the Internet lah, how liddat?!

In collaboration with U Mobile, we set out to prove that this doesn't always have to be an issue!

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Armed with their P99 7-day trial plan, we headed on up to Bentong to spend a few days travelling around, while consistently checking how good U Mobile's connection is in the highlands.

We had so much fun throughout the trip!

We explored the beautiful Japanese Gardens and felt like we truly were in the Land Of The Rising Sun

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We cuddled with some super adorable fluffy bunnies

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And of course no local trip is complete without eating lots of yummy food!

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So how did U Mobile's network fare while we did all these things? Watch the full video to find out:

All in all, we were pretty satisfied with U Mobile *thumbs up*

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Throughout the trip, their network and coverage remained stable. Best of all, their unlimited Internet allowed us to use all our favourite apps to our heart's content!

Whether we were relying on Waze to get to a destination, spamming our feeds with Insta stories, or jamming out to Spotify while driving, we never had to worry about running out of data and the connection didn't lag at all.

Interested in trying out U Mobile's P99 7-day trial plan yourself? Click here for more information.

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