[VIDEO] We Put Our Spice Tolerance To The Test By Trying The New MAGGI Pedas Giler 2X

"It's good but it's spicy! I love you all right, but you hurt me!"

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Last year, we valiantly fought our way through the #CabaranKontrolMacho, only to find ourselves at the mercy of a seemingly unassuming bowl of MAGGI Pedas Giler

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Zaidi: "Ashley! You okay or not Ashley? Just mengaku kalah lah okay?"

Ashley: *dying*

So, when we found out that there was an upgraded challenge called #JanganKelipMata, we saw this as a chance to redeem ourselves

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Zaidi: "Sebelum ni, Adit kalah."

Aditya: "Sorry, kalah? It was a tie, alright?"

This time, we had to finish a bowl of the new MAGGI Pedas Giler 2X without blinking! How did we fare? Watch the video below to find out:

Even just SMELLING the noodles proved to be too much for some of us omggg how la liddis T___T

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Brenda: "Did I blink?"

Nicky: *laughs in victory*

Then, the spiciness started making us question everything we thought we knew lollll

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Aditya: "But it's good, I'm confused now. It's good, and it's spicy, but I like it. I love you alright? But you hurt me!"

But it just burned SO GOOODDDD that we couldn't help ourselves from slurping it up

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Do you dare to try the #JanganKelipMata challenge? Here's how you can take part:

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Step 1: Buy any flavour of MAGGI Pedas Giler 2X
Step 2: Film yourself and your friends eating it but remember you're NOT allowed to blink, drink water, make any sounds, or make any facial expressions.
Step 3: Upload your video to Instagram. Tag your friends and include #jangankelipmata and #maggipedasgiler2x in your caption.

The new MAGGI Pedas Giler 2X is spicier than ever! It's truly made for the fiery-hearted, red-hot lovers ;)

Made from a special blend of super hot chillies, MAGGI Pedas Giler 2X is twice as spicy, and twice as syok! If you're not sure if you can tahan the fire, try it with only half the chilli oil first. All good? Then go ahead and pour everything in and enjoy the burn!

Grab one from your nearest grocery store today.

Check out what happened when we took on the #CabaranKontrolMacho:

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