What Is This Futuristic Building In Melaka That Looks Like It's From The Year 3,000?

Feeling zen just looking at it.

Cover image via Lloyd Alozie/Unsplash & (Instagram)

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The Malaysian Han Studies building in Melaka is a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel that blends traditional and modern design

Inspired by the Fujian Tulou, a type of communal earthen dwelling from southern China, the building features nine cylindrical structures with louvered walls that promote ventilation, maximise natural light, and reduce energy consumption.

It houses the Malaysian Han Studies (MAHS), a non-profit private school established in 2009 that emphasises traditional Chinese philosophies like Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. It is also dedicated to promoting cultural understanding and instilling moral values.

Fujian Tulou, a UNESCO World Heritage site built by the Hakka people, served as the inspiration for the design of the Malaysian Han Studies building.

Image via China Culture Tour

The Fujian Tulou provides living quarters, common areas for gatherings, and spaces for community activities.

Image via Studio 505

Designed as a self-sustaining community, MAHS provides living spaces for students, teachers, staff, and parents, fostering a unique learning environment

The architectural design, led by Australian architectural firm Studio 505, fosters a close-knit atmosphere, reminiscent of the Tulou clusters in China, traditional communal residences found in the mountainous regions of Fujian Province.

Combining Malaysian and Chinese architectural styles, the centre is a modern mix of tradition and new ideas.

Here's a look at MAHS during its construction:

Image via Studio 505
Image via Studio 505

You can also watch this video by to get a closer look at this stunning building:

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