[QUIZ] Tell Us How You Would Solve These Problems And We'll Guess Your Intelligence Type

Let's find out how smart you are, hehe.

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When you have a problem, how do you usually try to solve it?

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If you think about it, we all have different ways of handling things in life, and that's 'cause we have different kinds of intelligence.

According to psychologist Robert J. Sternberg, there are three main types:
- Practical intelligence: You rely on your past experiences to approach problems
- Creative intelligence: You tend to think of new ways to solve a problem
- Analytical intelligence: You apply logic and reasoning to handle a problem

Wanna know if your intelligence type is practical, creative, or analytical? Take the quiz below to find out!

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

No matter which type of intelligence you have, it's important to equip yourself with life skills, street smarts, and creativity to tackle the complex problems you may face in the future!

Beyond providing a degree, Taylor's University understands the importance of preparing students for the real world. That's why they've introduced Taylor'sphere, a holistic ecosystem meant to nurture all three intelligences in every student.

This well-balanced learning system is not a separate programme, but a concept that's incorporated into all of Taylor's undergraduate courses. No matter what course you're taking, you'll be equipped with intellectual knowledge, craft in your field of expertise, and practical wisdom to solve complicated tasks and everyday problems. The best part is that you'll get to experience all this while having the right environment, opportunities, and networks, so you'll get the perfect head start for your career.

With the help of leading industry experts and academic mentors, not only will you gain academic knowledge, you'll also develop soft skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to create and innovate.

Here's a closer look at how these three intelligence pillars work together hand-in-hand:

1. Intellect

The great thing about Taylor's Curriculum Framework is that it's flexible, relevant, and dynamic. You'll get the chance to study overseas and gain industry experience. You'll also be exposed to work-based learning, hybrid degrees, and interdisciplinary projects. All this comes together to give you a unique study experience that will prepare you intellectually.

2. Craft

At Taylor's University, the craft aspect will be honed in multiple ways. Try out hands-on experiences in the classrooms, labs, or studios, and delve into multidisciplinary projects to come up with impactful solutions, starting from your first year in your degree through the Social Innovation module.

You will also have the opportunity to realise your entrepreneurial dreams, and receive guidance with ideation, prototyping, funding, and product commercialisation under the mentorship of Taylor's Me.reka Makerspace (TMM), BizPod, and Research & Enterprise.

3. Practical Wisdom

During your first year, specialised life skills facilitators will teach you Life Skills Modules and University Core Modules. You will learn intercultural communication, mindfulness, design thinking, and presentation skills.

You will be assessed on the Taylor's Graduate Capabilities in every module, and will be given a second transcript on this assessment alongside your academic transcript. You may also receive the Gold or Platinum SHINE Award as recognition for your co-curricular achievements and involvements. The idea is to give you a competitive edge as you become a well-adjusted, purpose-driven individual with employable skills – and you can even prove it with a cert!

To find out more about Taylor'sphere and Taylor's undergraduate programmes, head over to their website

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