These AIA Life Planners Share What It's Really Like To Sell Insurance

"My first month sales were great, but I barely did one or two cases in the following months."

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Many Malaysians have certain misconceptions when it comes to people who sell insurance

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Nowadays, being an insurance agent is no longer about trying to hard-sell insurance to everyone around you. As Malaysians become more informed, they are looking for insurance agents who understand their life goals and add value by helping them meet those goals.

While selling insurance can be a prestigious career, it can also be a fulfilling one because you get to help others live healthier, longer, better lives. Nevertheless, just like any job, it comes with its challenges as well as ups and downs.

To find out what it's actually like to sell insurance, we talked to two Life Planners from AIA Elite Academy - Yuni and Aaron

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Yuni first got started selling insurance with AIA when her friend approached her and introduced her to AIA Elite Academy. At that time she was still working an 8am to 5pm job, drawing a regular salary. But what got her interested with the program was the flexible working hours and the potential to decide her own income.

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Aaron Loo, on the other hand, joined AIA Elite Academy as a fresh grad. Despite wanting to play basketball professionally and having a passion in hairdressing, Aaron realised that his two hobbies would not provide him financial stability early in his career. Having a desire to do something out of the ordinary, AIA Elite Academy seemed like the perfect option.

Here's what both Yuni and Aaron had to say about their experiences selling insurance:

1. What does a normal working day look like for you?

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Yuni: "I always wake up in the morning and review the list of 'things to do' that I have written the night before. Then, I will settle all the errands based on the list I made, whether it's meeting clients, handling claims, or setting up appointments."

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Aaron: "My first task of the day is to always get into my office and settle my administrative side of work. We also attend agency meetings and have a weekly training on certain topics that will help us in the business. After being in the office, I’ll head out for appointments, which are set flexibly during lunch, tea, or dinner time."

2. How do you usually get leads or attract customers?

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Yuni: "At first, I tried approaching my family and friends, but I saw that my strength was more on social media. Everyday, I post a video on Instagram or Facebook talking about financial planning awareness, giving tips on how my followers can choose a good and trusted agent. From there, I get at least two leads a day."

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Aaron: "Getting leads is something that most will feel is toughest. I agree too, but that’s only in the beginning of our careers. Personally, I have tried doing surveys in shopping malls, setting up booths in hospitals, approaching friends & family, and online marketing to find new leads. Online marketing has generated the highest number of leads for me.

After two years in the industry, I seldom prospect for new leads, but rather seek for personal recommendations from my existing clients to meet their friends, families, or colleagues that could potentially need my service. That’s how my leads are working for me now."

3. What was the most demotivating moment you had in your career and how did you persist through it?

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Yuni: "I still remember approaching my close friend during my second month as a Life Planner. However, his response made me feel so demotivated that I cried and became really down. But my leader and team were so supportive and their words made me realise that rejection is actually something that can make me grow stronger!"

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Aaron: "My first month sales were great, but I barely did one or two cases in the following months.I spoke to my leaders and told them I don't think this career was suited for me in the long term. Thankfully, they told me three months is way too short of a time to tell, and encouraged me to try for the next three months.

This time, they coached me and taught me other ways to gain leads, which helped stabilise my sales. I learned that my leaders were always there to help me be better and if they did not doubt me, I shouldn’t doubt myself too."

4. Do you have any friends or family that kept a distance from you since you became a Life Planner?

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Yuni: "Of course. In fact, most of the misconceptions I get from my friends and family are that insurance agents are liars and just want to force people to buy insurance.

But today, most insurance agents are actually professional. Thanks to AIA Elite Academy, we are trained to consult, not sell. We don't push people, but instead help people to understand their risk and show them how they can manage it."

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Aaron: "As I look back, I do realize that some have kept a distance from me because they perceive me to be that kind of typical insurance agent. That definitely made me feel sad, because my intention was never to sell them anything that they do not need.

But ironically, the longer I am in the business, the more these people will approach me whenever they have any financial related questions."

5. What is the most rewarding thing about being a life planner to you?

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Yuni: "For me, the most rewarding thing about being a life planner is when I can overcome my own fear and approach strangers to turn them into my friends. Financially, there has also been a big change. Every day, I can decide how much I want to earn for the month and pursue my goals accordingly."

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Aaron: "In two years, I have met people who work in corporate, people who are business owners, people who work in villages, people from different parts of Malaysia. Our work really has no boundaries and some things are really unexpected in our career. 

I think it’s a huge misconception to think that all insurance agents just have money as our priority. As my clients have chosen to trust me and support me, I believe in investing back in their lives by taking good care of them, whether it is having a meal with them and their families occasionally, or just doing activities with them. That's rewarding to me."

Thinking of making the switch to become a Life Planner?

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Here are 5 reasons why a career as an AIA Life Planner is purposeful, progressive, and professsional:

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  1. AIA Elite Academy fast tracks your career growth, providing the best in-class training and the latest tools to help you start your own business.
  2. With coaching and mentorship, you’ll be able to grow professionally and personally as an entrepreneur.
  3. Like a start-up, you’ll have flexible working hours while still being part of an awesome community of like-minded people.
  4. AIA Elite Academy provides an environment for high performers, which will help push you to maximise your potential.
  5. It is satisfying to have a job with purpose as you help Malaysians live healthier, longer, and better lives.

Want to find out how you can kickstart your journey as an AIA Life Planner? Head over to their website to get started today!

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