[QUIZ] Create Your Own Body Wash And We'll Guess Your Celebrity Soulmate

Are you meant to be with Tom Hiddleston or Emma Watson?

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When it comes to choosing which body wash to use, we often have to pick between something that is luxurious and indulgent or something that protects us and has defending properties

Of course, we all know how important it is to use anti-bacterial body wash, especially in the current situation, but there's a part of us that still wants to use a pampering body wash that smells amazing and has us stepping out of the shower with oh-so-smooth skin.

Jom, take this quiz to create your own body wash and we'll guess which celebrity is your soulmate, hehe! ;)

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Note: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. Dun so serious, okay? :)

So, which celebrity are you meant to be with? Go forth and let your daydreams run wild. ;)

While we may not be able to build our own body wash in real life, we can still look out for ones that check all the boxes of what we want.

That's why Lux is giving you the best of both worlds with their new body wash range, letting you pamper AND protect yourself, yaaay!

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Consisting of two variants, Lux's new Purifying Range not only eliminates 99.9% of bacteria*, but also has a pampering fragrance for that luxurious feeling when you mandi.

*Based on lab tests.

The two variants are Red Shiso & Hibiscus and Moringa & Echinacea

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Infused with purifying red shiso fragrance and refreshing hibiscus notes, or with detoxifying moringa fragrance and soothing echinacea notes, they leave your skin delicately scented and purified.

Formulated with green tea extract to eliminate 99.9% bacteria* and made with the finest, premium fragrance, the luxurious body washes will create an indulgent shower experience while also protecting you.

Here's a closer look at the scents included in the two variants:

Red Shiso & Hibiscus
- Top notes: Sicilian orange, mandarin, pear, red shisho
- Heart notes: Neroli, rose water, gardenia, hibiscus
- Base notes: Cedarwood, musk, vanilla

Moringa & Echinacea
- Top notes: Lush green accord, wild mint, lemon, moringa
- Heart notes: Muguet, green tea, green sap, echinacea
- Base notes: Musk, amber, sandalwood

*Based on lab tests.

Wanna try Lux's new Purifying Range? You can get it at your nearest supermarket, hypermarket, or pharmacy. Try it today!

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