Why McD's Coke Somehow Tastes Better Than Any Other Coke

There's a science behind it.

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If while having a Coca Cola at McDonald's, the thought that it tasted better than any other Coke you have tried elsewhere has ever crossed your mind, you're not alone

So what makes McDonald's Coke so magical? Well, science!

McDonald's is Coca-Cola's s biggest restaurant customer. The two industry giants have been in a really long and a fruitful partnership since 1955. In fact, around that time when McDonald's was expanding globally, the fast food chain often used Coca-Cola's offices as a base of operations to get up and running, The New York Times reports.

To ensure that the Coke sold at McDonald's is always at its peak, the two companies, which maintain a unique, symbiotic relationship, employs certain guidelines.

Ooh that rush! ;)

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The two companies have created a system for the delivery and production of Coke's sodas at McDonald's restaurants

While at other restaurants, Coke syrup is delivered in plastic bags, for McDonald's, Coke delivers its syrup in stainless steel tanks. The difference in material keeps the soda fresher, and the same difference is noted by your tongue.

But that's not all.

Once the syrup reaches the restaurant, soda doesn’t just become an afterthought. Both the syrup and the water get pre-chilled before going into the soda fountain.

While other places might rely on the dispenser itself to chill lukewarm water, McDonald's uses insulated tubes to deliver the liquid from the fridge to the fountain, keeping the liquid as chilled as possible.

McDonald's also has different straws than you typically use

Their straws are slightly wider than most of other fast food brands. It's on purpose.

"It’s slightly wider than a typical straw, so all that Coke taste can hit all your taste buds," according to the McDonald's website.

Have you tried the Coke at McDonald's? What do you think about its taste? Do comment below to let us know.

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