[VIDEO] How Malaysians Love To Customise: Then Vs Now

We just can't help personalising everything, including our mobile plans.

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It doesn't matter if you're a student or a working adult, Malaysians just love to customise everything

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From the drinks we order at the mamak store, to the outfits we wear on a daily basis, Malaysians have always been the pros at personalising everything.

Whether it's customising your school desk and workspace

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Or decorating your pencil case and laptop

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Or finding the perfect cover for your Nokia 3310 and iPhone

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We Malaysians really enjoy injecting our personality into every single thing we own. Watch how we've been doing it since forever:

The great news is that you now even customise your own mobile calls, texts, and data with Yoodo

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This National Day, Yoodo wants you to enjoy the freedom to surf kao kao with 20GB of free Internet data

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This awesome promotion will be running from now till 30 September, and all you have to do is activate your first Yoodo SIM! Once you activate it, you'll get RM20 credit, which can be used to purchase a 20GB booster, or anything else you desire. So what are you waiting for? Switch over to Yoodo today!

For more info on Yoodo's promotion, head over to their website today

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