Young Malaysians Reveal That One Thing They Regret Most In 2016

12 months is a long time to do at least one stupid thing. :p

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The end of the year is a time for reflection, so we asked some 20-something Malaysians about the one thing they regretted doing (or not doing) in the past year:

1. "Not buying US dollars before Trump became president."

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"Everyone thought it'd crash... but it didn't! My net worth could've increased by 20%." - Chris, 25

2. "Buying an iPhone 7."

"One time, I got bored in the LRT so I thought I'd watch some YouTube videos... until I tried to plug in my earphones." - Rudy, 23

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3. "Not even trying to hit the gym."

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"Every day my husband tells me to because I'm old. My stamina is crap... but I haven't." - Judith, 29

4. "Joining a lame gym that gave me the most annoying trainer ever."

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"Which resulted in me not even going to the gym regularly like I should, just to avoid seeing his annoying face. Should've joined a CrossFit gym like I'd intended to." - Aqila, 29

5. "Not taking time off!"

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"I have 20+ days of leave left, can't even bring it forward next year.

Just tell my story for me. I'll die happily." - Cedric, 25

6. "Not calling home as often as I should."

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"I know I shouldn't make excuses, but they don't pick up the phone when I call them." - Sarah, 22

7. "Keeping toxic people in my life for too long."

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"Finally got rid of some of them - gradually - before my birthday this year. Life is about loving yourself and surrounding yourself with people who love you." - Chriss, 26

8. "Spending money on food that sucked."

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"Sometimes, letting your friends decide where to eat can be the worst idea ever. FOOD IS SERIOUS BUSINESS OK." - John, 24

9. "Ignoring the pile of unread books I've had since 2013."

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"I used to read so much, like multiple books per month. Now, the books I bought from Big Bad Wolf last year are still in the bags in my room collecting dust." - Diandra, 24

10. "Always putting plans on hold."

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"I always think of doing stuff like meet up with friends, try something new, travel, learn about finance and investments etc.... but I keep putting them off, and now it's almost 2017." - Ray, 23

11. "Skipping lectures. I got barred from taking the final exam and now I have to retake the subject again next year." :(

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"I've appealed twice, cried, met the Head of Academics, but she still wouldn't let me take the final exam. Oh well!" - Maxine, 20

12. "Getting into a relationship."

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"LOL. Okay, I was sad about it at first, but now... I think I'm happier without one!" - Anne, 23

13. "Renting a cheap house!"

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"Ended up spending more money because it's so far from my workplace - have to pay toll... AND IT'S ALWAYS JAMMED. Luckily, I'm moving to a new place at the end of the year!" - Zaidi, 23

14. "Not saving money."

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"I think this is everyone's regret every year hahahaaa." - Farouq, 26

Looking back at 2016, what is your biggest regret this year? Share your stories with us in comments section below.

Don't worry, there's still time to make the most out of 2016. It's all about the little things:

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