12 Malaysian Stores Selling Yummy Treats To Show Your Pet How Much You Love Them

Treats for both cats and dogs!

Cover image via Fetch Me Later (Provided to SAYS) & @itsbeenralph (Instagram)

1. Fetch Me Later

Fetch Me Later is a pet resort in Bukit Damansara that provides doggy daycare, dog boarding, pet grooming, along with swimming and other fun activities! Your doggos will never wanna leave.

Other than that, they also sell yummy pet treats online, such as meat jerky and dehydrated fish (for all you cat lovers!).

You can get them here.

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2. Barkery Oven

Image via Barkery Oven

Located in Sri Hartamas, Barkery Oven supplies all kinds of healthy snacks that'll make your pet love you even more.

They have air-dried biscuit jerky and biscuit bites for cats as well as 'pawffins', fudges, biscuits, and other special treats for dogs.

All of their treats are made with 100% natural ingredients and contains no preservatives, artificial flavorings, and additional salt or sugar.

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3. Pawfect Food

Eating a meal while your dog looks at you longingly doesn't always need to break your heart. Pawfect Food offers healthy snacks for your dog to feel included during family mealtimes.

They also deliver homecooked food using all-natural human-grade ingredients, not just processed kibble to fill your pet's tummies.

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4. Cubgrub

Cubgrub's homemade specialty - cat food.

Image via Cubgrub (Provided to SAYS)

Whether you're a cat or dog parent, Cubgrub has treats for all!

Their specialty is homemade raw cat food packed with vitamins, which they began making back when their cat had fallen very ill.

It inspired them to come up with their own homemade recipes and have since started their own little business to help other pet owners.

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5. Gigilily's Pet

If your pet loves variety or is super picky, Gigilily's Pet has over 56 different homemade pet treat flavours for you to pick from!

Their extensive menu categorises based on your pet's preferences: beginner, fussy, sensitive stomach, rare, healthy, and more.

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6. Bone Haven

Bone Haven has some of the cutest pet treats in the shape of sushi rolls, mini doughnuts, and pizza – all homemade with love. According to them, their treats have no additives, colouring, preservatives, and salt or sugar.

They currently have a buy one, free one offer.

You can order here.

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7. Sploot

Having adopted two fussy cats, Sploot began by making premium pet treats. The treats are freeze-dried to maintain its quality and nutrition.

They have five yummy varieties: salmon, chicken cube, egg yolks, chicken breast, and quail.

You can get them here.

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8. Mam Mam Pet Treats

Mam Mam Pet Treats has freeze-dried treats for both cats and dogs. They have capelin, duck, chicken, beef, cod fish, and egg yolk.

You can get them here.

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9. Little PANG Homemade Pet Treats

Keep your furry buddies healthy and happy with Little Pang Homemade Pet Treats. They make treats out of 100% fresh vegetables and meat without adding any preservatives and colouring.

Some of the ingredients they use include chicken breasts, pumpkins, carrots, turmeric powder, chia seeds, white sesame seeds, purple sweet potatoes, flaxseeds, spinach, oats, and more.

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10. Furkids Bytes

Give your dog or cat some lovin' with Furkids Bytes' treats made in their kitchen from scratch.

They use human-grade ingredients and do not add any preservatives, colouring, or flavouring. You can find everything from ocean fish skin sticks to meat jerky and anchovies!

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11. Ruff Puff

Whether its peanut butter cookies or tasty chew treats, Ruff Puff makes snacks for both cats and dogs. And they are free of preservatives!

You can find Ruff Puff's treats online or at Single Step Zero Waste Store in PJ.

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12. The Hive Bulk Foods

Popularly known as being a zero waste store, The Hive Bulk Foods also has pet treats for both cats and dogs.

They are also doing deliveries during this time. So you can stock up on other supplies while also getting a treat or two for your furry family member!

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