7 Healthy Meal Delivery Services In Klang Valley To Help With Your New Year Fitness Goals

Cause it's about time we check off this annual new year's resolution.

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As the months slip off the calendar, so does the motivation for our 'new year new me' fitness goals, amirite?

Annually, this happens to most of us.

From dealing with busy daily-schedules, to balancing out our personal and professional lives, it's easy to forget to treat our bodies right with healthy wholesome meals. But also, we simply don't have the proper knowledge (and skills, let's be honest) to cook ourselves delicious yet nutritious plates of food. 

This leads to gaining a few extra KGs, to not fitting into that one favourite shirt just as right anymore, to eventually feeling a little down about that cute little muffin top belly. Speaking from personal experience of course. 

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Luckily more and more healthy meal delivery services are sprouting up in KL and can make it easier for us eat clean and improve our diet - all hassle-free!

With their convenience and affordability, these wholesome meal delivery services will definitely take some of the stress off from prepping, cooking, and packing healthy lunches all by ourselves.

Check out these 7 healthy meal delivery services to help you achieve your fitness goals this year:

1. HALE Food Delivery

If fast food is the bane to your diet, HALE serves you healthy alternatives for all your favourite calorie-loaded junks. Enjoy all your usual fixes here such as burgers, fries, and pasta - except, all their food here are made only using fresh ingredients, with no added MSG and preservatives. Without compromising on the taste of course! 

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. dahmakan

dahmakan is a powerhouse when it comes to healthy meal deliveries. You've probably seen their ads on your social media feeds. Trusted by many, dahmakan ensures you wholesome yet tasty lunchboxes - cooked by top-class chefs and using only local high-quality ingredients. They change up their menu on weekly basis so you never have to worry about having the same meal twice (in the same week at least). 

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

3. dietmonsta

Having multiple goal-focused meal plans, made with help by their nutritionist, dietmonsta's lunchboxes will surely help catalyse the progress for your new year fitness goals. Whether it's losing a few KGs by mid-year, gaining some muscle mass, or even cutting down on sugar and carbs. Their meals are made fresh on the daily and are then chilled immediately to preserve the maximum flavour and nutritional goodness!

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Meraki Kitchen

Like dahmakan, Meraki Kitchen changes up their menu on a weekly basis and serves different menus on every weekday. Boring lunches are a no-no here as these packed lunchboxes (literally) tastes just as great as they look. Their colourful meals will surely please any health-conscious foodies. Meraki Kitchen also caters to any dietary concerns you might have and all their ingredients used are certified halal.

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

5. Epic Fit Meals Co

Here's another place to get your fast food craving fixed. Epic Meals Co offers a wide variety of halal, nutrition-packed versions of all your favourite cheat-meals - from burgers, to pizzas, to even burritos! Sweet-tooth foodies can try their guilt-free lava cake, while you can also find healthy kiddie meals here like their meatball bolognese.

All meals are cooked-to-order, made with fresh whole ingredients with no added MSG. The best part? They'll even throw in a free pizza if your orders don't arrive within 45 minutes!  
More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. The Naked Lunchbox

Eating clean has never been easier with The Naked Lunchbox. Serving a healthy pick (pun intended) of local and international-themed lunchboxes, the meals here are squeaky-clean from artificial preservatives, food additives, any added sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy products, gluten and of course absolutely no MSG. Talk about guilt-free, tasty, and nutritious food! 

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

7. Eat Clean KL

eatcleanKL is one of the longest standing healthy meal delivery services around. The founder and chef, Khairena, is a certified Weight Management consultant and holds strong beliefs for healthy eating and portion control. Her menu plays off her food philosophy of 'eating the rainbow', where she composes her plates using a symphony of colourful and wholesome ingredients. 

Her menu changes every week and offers a wide variety of cuisine from around the world. Khairena also specialises in more customised meal plans for postpartum mothers, confinement food, Paleo, among many other dietary preferences.

More info: Facebook | Instagram

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