Unproductive At Work? Try These Fun Hacks Shared By Malaysians Who've Actually Tried Them

Huh? T-shirt sizes can help with productivity wan ah?

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There's no denying that some days, we're a little more distracted while we're at work

It can get frustrating because it's a chain reaction: when you're distracted, you tend to procrastinate, which leads to unproductivity. That's why it's important to find ways to manage your productivity levels, so that your work doesn't suffer in the process, oof.

Well, we gotchu. We asked a few Malaysians how they manage to stay focused during long days at work, and here's what they had to say:

1. "I take frequent breaks. That way, I can be more productive."

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"Yeah, I know taking breaks sounds like the opposite of what you should be doing, but it works. I usually try to get certain things done within a time frame, and when I successfully complete it, I usually reward myself with a quick break. This way, I feel more energised when I get back to work.

"Sometimes, I also head over to the office couch and take a power snooze. I don't know if power naps work for everyone, but it really gives me that boost of energy to keep myself going, especially after lunch."

- Jeremy, 21  

2. "I listen to instrumental Shire music, so I can feel like the Hobbit I truly am within while I clack away on my laptop lol"

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"Listen to super epic, semangat-inducing music while you work. For me, I tend to listen to epic movie or game soundtracks, which makes me feel like I'm in a different world and the work I'm doing is part of a mission or something hahaha, so that gives me the extra motivation to push through and be productive. Everyone has different music tastes, so just experiment with different genres until you find something that helps you be productive!

"Sometimes, I have another tab on, playing continuous 'rain sounds' from RainyMood. That really helps me on days when I'm super stressed, and just need the pitter-patter of the rain playing in the background. :D"

- Martin, 24

3. "I decided to use the T-Shirt Sizing method to plan out my tasks, and it's really been a life-changer"

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"Depending on how long I take to do a certain task, I can classify it under 'S', 'M', or 'L', which tells me how long I need to take to complete my work. So, I created a board in my room (since we're still WFH) with different columns stating the 'size', and I also made origami T-shirts that I can stick as memos on the task that I have on hand.

"Once I finish a task, I just move the origami T-shirt to the 'Done' column. For some reason, making this board really adds to the 'fun' factor when I'm working because I get so excited when a new task comes in, just so I can add a new 'T-shirt' to my board."

- Rajah, 25

4. "I always try to schedule a fun activity after work, so I can look forward to it after a long day"

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"As the saying from The Shining goes, 'all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. That's why I always make it a point to schedule a fun activity to look forward to after work ends! Whether it's having a karaoke sesh with my besties, or a round of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with my Discord buddies, it helps me manage my work-life balance better.

"Knowing that something exciting awaits me at the end of the day encourages me to do my best, and complete whatever tasks I have for the day. :)"

- Azizah, 25

5. "I change my desk setup every month, so that I feel invigorated to work"

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"I'm the type of person who gets bored really easily, so I decided to put away a small portion of my salary to jazz up my workspace every month. That way, I get to exercise some creativity while I rearrange my work desk. Also, I can think so much better when my space is decluttered, otherwise, I feel so serabut, y'know?

"Sometimes, I add some plants, or maybe those really adorable tiny figurines to adorn my desk with. I also like adding a few small lamps to brighten up my workspace. I even have a collection of cute mugs in my drawer, kekekeke."

- Shaila, 21

6. "To keep our energy level up, my team stocks up on MILO sachets and biscuits in their drawer"

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"Sometimes I get so hungry I can't even focus on work. So, my team has a drawer full of snacks that we can munch on. That drawer is just... paradise. There are packets of coffee, tea, MILO, and other keropok that I cannot wait to eat hahahah!

"In all seriousness, I think having something to munch on really helps me stay focused, especially when I'm feeling sleepy. After all, it's hard to think clearly when you're hangry, kan?"

- Nina, 30

7. "Instead of holding our meetings on Google Meet or Zoom, my team has it on this virtual platform called Gather and it's adorbs"

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"We made an exact replica of our office on Gather, so every time we had a meeting, we would enter our virtual boardroom. Did you know that you can even customise your avatar to look like you? It is so much fun using Gather to have our meetings because of the cool, interactive way you get to talk to your colleagues.

"One of my colleagues set up a 'campfire' by looping the audio of a crackling fire on our virtual beach, so I would sit there and do my work because the white noise helps me focus."

- Resh, 29

Have you ever tried any of these productivity 'hacks' before? :p In some cases, all you need to give you that boost of productivity is a nice hot beverage to kickstart your energy levels.

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Need a cup of MILO for that energy boost?

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