You Can Get Hot, Ready-To-Eat Ramly Burgers For RM5 From This Vending Machine In Johor

The machine heats up the burger for 30 seconds before popping it out.

Cover image via @bangbookay (TikTok)

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There's nothing quite like a greasy Ramly burger in the middle of the night to leave your taste buds tingling with happiness.

And now, you can enjoy it cooked and popped straight out of a vending machine!

There's a vending machine in AEON Taman Universiti Shopping Centre, Johor, that offers Ramly burgers — hot and ready-to-eat.

Just two months ago, content creator and TikTok user Riezdon (@bangbookay) shared a video of him getting a burger from the machine.

For just RM5, you can select the burger of your choice by keying its menu number into the vending machine

The machine will then heat up your burger for 30 seconds before popping it out for you to collect.

According to Riezdon, you get a choice of a chicken or beef Ramly burger. However, they are made pretty simple.

Unlike the beloved Ramly stalls we go to, the vending machine serves the burgers without egg, mayonnaise, cucumbers, or any other vegetables — just sauce and the Ramly patty in between two buns

Despite that, he still gave the burger a rating of 7/10.

Watch his full video below:


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มองนานๆ - FLI:P

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