GrabFood Is Offering 50% Off For Chicken Meals Every Weekend Until May

The promotion is valid on Fridays to Sundays until 5 May.

Cover image via Nando's & Wing Stop

In conjunction with blockbuster season, GrabFood has a special promotion for chicken lovers to enjoy alongside their weekend movie marathons

With Weekend BOKBOKBOKBuster, GrabFood users can satisfy their chicken cravings at 50% off with the promo code BOKBOK.

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From crowd favourites like Nando's and Wingstop to OGs like McDonald's and Kenny Rogers Roasters, chicken connoisseurs are spoiled for choice.

Here are the participating outlets for GrabFood's promotion:

- Texas Chicken
- Lim Fried Chicken
- The Chicken Rice Shop
- 1977 New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice (Damansara Jaya) [Non-Halal]
- A&W
- All Things Chicken
- BBQ Chicken (Faber Tower)
- Broasted Chicken House
- Chicken House [Non-Halal]
- Chicken Pop [Non-Halal]
- Chicken Rice @ Restaurant Jing Quan [Non-Halal]
- Chicken Rice House
- Choo Choo Chicken
- Familia Fried Chicken
- Galito's Flamed Grilled Chicken
- Goobne Chicken
- Hanz Kchix Korean Chicken
- Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice [Non-Halal]
- Jassal Tandoori Chicken
- Jinjja Chicken
- Kenny Rogers Roasters
- McDonald's
- My Mom's Chicken Rice Citarasa Linda Onn (Ampang Point)
- Nam Heong Chicken Rice
- Nando's
- Nene Chicken
- Restoran Singapore Chicken Rice [Non-Halal]
- Seng Kee Chicken Rice [Non-Halal]
- Singapore Hainan Chicken Rice [Non-Halal]
- Spicy Chicken Syahezzie
- Street Hainanese Chicken Rice Shop [Non-Halal]
- The Butter Chicken
- The Cafe Chicken – Korean Bistro
- Wingstop

The promotion, which is limited to orders above RM25, is valid on Fridays to Sundays from 15 March until 5 May

Image via Grab

GrabFood users can use the promo code up to three times every weekend during the campaign period.

The promotion is currently capped to 1,500 redemptions per day.

It's not the weekend just yet but our bodies are ready!

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